LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 26 August 2021

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Los Angeles Times 26 August 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 26 August 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Group for whom "Drive" was a Top 10 hit, with "The": CARS

5 Sarge's charges, briefly: PFCS

9 Finishes in the bakery: ICES

13 Part of an agenda: ITEM

14 Fracas: MELEE

15 Bar purchase: SOAP

16 Wanted things: DESIDERATA

18 Santa __: Sonoma County seat: ROSA

19 Kin of urban legends: OLDWIVESTALES

21 Shows: BARES

23 Wander: ROVE

24 James of jazz: ETTA

25 Possible result of a bankruptcy filing: CLEANSLATE

31 ERA, for example: STAT

32 Suffer: AIL

33 Some, in Potsdam: EINES

34 Dirt alternative, at times: TAR

35 Minimally: ATLEAST

38 Member of the 2019 World Series champs: NAT

39 Large quantity: OCEAN

41 Beethoven preceder: VAN

42 "¿Qué __?": PASA

43 "That's some bargain you got!": WHATASTEAL

46 Assist badly? ABET

47 Indian nurse: AMAH

48 Jacques' title, in a children's song: FRERE

49 Dated jokes ... and what the ends of four Across answers are, in a way: STALEMATERIAL

55 Guitarist's gadget: CAPO

56 Tennessee Williams specialty: ONEACTPLAY

59 King toppers: ACES

60 Brazilian range __ do Mar: SERRA

61 Architect Saarinen: EERO

62 Leader: BOSS

63 Egyptian vipers: ASPS

64 "Glee" character, usually: TEEN


1 "Le __": 1636 Corneille play: CID

2 Put away: ATE

3 Vacation destination: RESORTAREA

4 Greet with a grin: SMILEAT

5 Prefix meaning "all around": PERI

6 Rapper with a clock necklace, familiarly: FLAV

7 Et __: CETERA

8 Salt, say: SEASON

9 Begin, for one: ISRAELI

10 Hip: COOL

11 Alleviate: EASE

12 Places to relax: SPAS

14 Cry from a litter: MEW

17 ADA member: DDS

20 Tube, so to speak: TVSET

21 Grant: BESTOW

22 Staple, e.g.: ATTACH

25 Monopoly token that replaced the iron: CAT

26 Unlike Abner, actually: LIL

27 École attendee: ELEVE

28 "Kingdom by the sea" maiden of poetry: ANNABELLEE

29 Come-on: TEASER

30 Executor's concern: ESTATE

35 "What's in __?": ANAME

36 Motorists' org.: AAA

37 NBC weekend show: SNL

40 Clueless: ATALOSS

42 Castle feature: PARAPET

44 Stuffed Indian pastry: SAMOSA

45 Macduff and Macbeth: THANES

48 Hale: FIT

49 Sign of healing: SCAB

50 Snack from a truck: TACO

51 Primatologists' subjects: APES

52 UMD athlete: TERP

53 Some crop units: EARS

54 __ Building, now 30 Rockefeller Plaza: RCA

57 Exist: ARE

58 "... the morn ... / Walks o'er the dew of __ high eastward hill": "Hamlet": YON

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