LA Times Crossword answers Monday 26 December 2016

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Los Angeles Times 26 December 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 26 December 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Furtive summons: PSST

5 Closes with force: SLAMS

10 See 13-Down: BABA

14 "It's __ you": "Your call": UPTO

15 Sultan's group: HAREM

16 Carrier to Tel Aviv: ELAL

17 React to a bad pun, perhaps: MOAN

18 BP merger partner: AMOCO

19 Longfellow's "The Bell of __": ATRI

20 Fabric with a slight sheen: POLISHEDCOTTON

23 Clay pigeon sport: SKEET

24 Tee shots into the hole: ACES

25 Sophisticated-sounding hair treatment product: SUAVESHAMPOO

32 Slacks holder-upper: BELT

35 Baker's verb: MIX

36 Like old apples: MEALY

37 "Norma __": RAE

38 Fills with dismay: APPALLS

41 Word in a bride's bio: NEE

42 The three monkeys' taboos: EVILS

44 Guernsey greeting: MOO

45 Completely, after "from": ATOZ

46 Coffee sweetener: REFINEDSUGAR

50 Apple or pear: POME

51 "Spider-Man" actor Willem: DAFOE

55 Plowed ground for crop-raising: CULTIVATEDLAND

60 Classic clown: BOZO

61 African country whose name is contained in the name of its southern neighbor: NIGER

62 Internet destination: SITE

63 It's a long story: EPIC

64 Porthole view: OCEAN

65 Flair: ELAN

66 Cubicle furnishing: DESK

67 Smells awful: REEKS

68 Once-sacred snakes: ASPS


1 Tire inflators: PUMPS

2 Frighten, as a horse: SPOOK

3 Like old bread: STALE

4 Most stylish: TONIEST

5 Former Iranian despot: SHAH

6 Unconvincing, excuse-wise: LAME

7 Ex-slugger and Fox Sports analyst, familiarly: AROD

8 Major tourist draws: MECCAS

9 Kiss: SMOOCH

10 "I have no clue": BEATSME

11 Voice above tenor: ALTO

12 Rural building with big doors: BARN

13 With 10-Across, "Open sesame" sayer: ALI

21 Early Beatle Sutcliffe: STU

22 Bears and Grizzlies: TEAMS

26 Sound system part: AMP

27 Bigwig: VIP

28 Tests of knowledge: EXAMS

29 Huff and puff: PANT

30 Butterlike spread: OLEO

31 Command from a bailiff: OYEZ

32 Uncle Remus rabbit's title: BRER

33 Nesting site, perhaps: EAVE

34 Mariner Ericson: LEIF

38 Often ___: about half the time: ASNOT

39 Singer Rawls: LOU

40 Nautical journal: LOG

43 Long kiss: LIPLOCK

45 Shrinking Asian lake: ARALSEA

47 Key with one sharp: EMINOR

48 Plot mechanism: DEVICE

49 Say further: ADD

52 Totally tanks: FAILS

53 Ready in the keg: ONTAP

54 Blissful regions: EDENS

55 Deal with adversity: COPE

56 Commando weapons: UZIS

57 "A Death in the Family" author James: AGEE

58 Tropical hardwood: TEAK

59 Sea eagles: ERNS

60 Crib or cot: BED

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