LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 26 December 2019

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Los Angeles Times 26 December 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 26 December 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 [This is so frustrating!]: ARGH

5 Ceiling: LIMIT

10 Mail often diverted to a separate folder: SPAM

14 Sainted pope called "the Great": LEOI

15 Modern Persian: IRANI

16 Celestial bear: URSA

17 Mosque bigwig: IMAM

18 Daring move: BOLDSTROKE

20 Barnyard mom: SOW

21 Bath-loving Muppet: ERNIE

22 Priest's robe: ALB

23 KITT on "Knight Rider": TRANSAM

25 Hanging Gardens site: BABYLON

29 "You can tell me": SAYIT

30 Inhabitants of a myrmecologist's farm: ANTS

32 Big time: ERA

33 Thompson of "Thor: Ragnarok": TESSA

35 Getty and Rockefeller: OILMEN

38 Street moves since the '70s ... and what the black squares on rows 3, 5, 11 and 13 do: BREAKDANCES

40 Unfolds: BLOOMS

42 Pertaining to the small intestine: ILEAC

43 Chest bone: RIB

44 Fling: HURL

46 Hardship: RIGOR

50 Judicial self-disqualification: RECUSAL

53 Zoe of "Avatar": SALDANA

55 Genetics lab material: RNA

56 Ragged: TATTY

58 Floral garland: LEI

59 Three-flavor block: NEAPOLITAN

62 Mount Olympus group: GODS

63 "You Needed Me" singer Murray: ANNE

64 REO Speedwagon guitarist Dave: AMATO

65 One is often hard to resist: URGE

66 Site in a Steinbeck title: EDEN

67 Network points: NODES

68 Financial aid criterion: NEED


1 Top celebrity groupings: ALISTS

2 Ride-hitching fish: REMORA

3 "Scram!": GOAWAY

4 Word for a guy: HIM

5 Scales aloft: LIBRA

6 Facial apparatus in a Dumas novel: IRONMASK

7 Neighbor of Mauritania: MALI

8 Behind on bills: INDEBT

9 Poetic contraction: TIS

10 Like a sourpuss: SURLY

11 Math test parts: PROBLEMS

12 Inquire or require: ASK

13 Novelist Rita __ Brown: MAE

19 File folder feature: TAB

21 Prize: ESTEEM

24 Explosion maker, briefly: NITRO

26 Not separately: ASONE

27 Mine find: ORE

28 A Bobbsey twin: NAN

31 Rock bottom: NADIR

34 "Rizzoli & Isles" actress Alexander: SASHA

36 Nickelodeon sitcom starring Miranda Cosgrove: ICARLY

37 Massenet opera about a Spanish hero: LECID

38 "Hogan's Heroes" star: BOBCRANE

39 Auto insurance giant: ALLSTATE

40 Cold call? BRR

41 Fabrication: LIE

45 In the prior month: ULTIMO

47 In great numbers: GALORE

48 Stressed out: ONEDGE

49 Elevated: RAISED

51 Let loose, as hogs: UNPEN

52 __ Tomé and Príncipe: SAO

54 Chem. class data: ATNOS

57 Not very much: ATAD

59 Rob Roy's refusal: NAE

60 Boundary: END

61 PC-to-PC hookup: LAN

62 Rev: GUN

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