LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 26 December 2020

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Los Angeles Times 26 December 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 26 December 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Apple product: SMARTWATCH

11 Collector's frame: CEL

14 Mozart's Queen of the Night, for one: COLORATURA

15 Cover on the road: PAVE

16 Guacamole, e.g.: AVOCADODIP

17 "Agreed!": AMEN

18 Tiny and unimportant: DINKY

19 "The First __": NOEL

20 Must: NEED

21 Make a narrow escape? SEEP

22 In itself: PERSE

23 Slips into: DONS

24 Rhapsody, perhaps: OPUS

26 Field pair: OSCARS

28 Virtuoso: ADROIT

31 Tie with the dealer, in blackjack: PUSH

32 La Liga cheer: OLE

34 Like Dorothy Parker's humor: DROLL

35 Red state? FIT

36 Any of Florida's Dry Tortugas: ISLET

38 Some "SVU" roles: DAS

39 Cut out: OMIT

41 Model builders, at times: GLUERS

42 Bauhaus founder Gropius: WALTER

44 Not peripheral: MAIN

45 Chateau Montelena's home: NAPA

46 Ban from practice: DEBAR

48 Spring break destination, briefly: BAJA

52 Word of resignation: ALAS

53 __ Eats: UBER

54 Rambled: RANON

55 Calamitous: DIRE

56 Obviously full of anticipation: SALIVATING

58 Art store supply: INKS

59 It may be pulled before a final: ALLNIGHTER

60 Thing in the Roman Senate: RES

61 Has a clear conscience, maybe: SLEEPSEASY


1 Gobs: SCADS

2 Oddly, trailers may precede one: MOVIE

3 Like many a horror film victim: ALONE

4 Low tide formation: ROCKPOOL

5 A server may carry one: TRAY

6 Gum, after use: WAD

7 Makes up: ATONES

8 Elizabeth I was the last one: TUDOR

9 Really could use, with "for": CRIESOUT

10 Unfortunate: HAPLESS

11 Diner patron played by Stephen King in "Mr. Mercedes," e.g.: CAMEOROLE

12 "The Vagina Monologues" playwright: EVEENSLER

13 Takes interest, maybe: LENDS

15 Bear that can bark: PANDA

22 Call counterpart: PUT

25 Captain, at times: PILOT

27 Dog topper: CHILI

28 Sum up: ADD

29 Begin to set boundaries: DRAWALINE

30 First woman to lie in honor in the U.S. Capitol: ROSAPARKS

31 Compost bin remnant: PIT

33 "Cloverfield" characters: ETS

35 Highly energetic sort: FIREBALL

37 What a city dweller may do on a building roof: SUNBATHE

40 Jellyfish: MEDUSAS

41 Pikelike fish: GAR

43 Burns with a light touch? LASES

44 Oceanic: MARINE

45 Point from which a recovery can begin: NADIR

47 Animated Disney bibliophile: BELLE

49 Indian novelist Desai: ANITA

50 Slangy craving: JONES

51 Gritting one's teeth, maybe: ANGRY

54 Old dance hall tunes: RAGS

57 __ pass: VIP

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