LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 26 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 26 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 26 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 [Yawn]: MEH

4 “My Amour”: Stevie Wonder hit: CHERIE

10 Transition point: CUSP

14 Old PC platform: MSDOS

19 Antacid brand since the 1800s: ENO

20 Mark who plays Luke: HAMILL

21 Avalon contemporary in pop music: ANKA

22 “Einstein on the Beach,” e.g.: OPERA

23 Dove’s call: COO

24 Road safety feature: RUMBLESTIIP

26 Eponymous engineer Ray: DOLBY

27 Climactic Wembley Stadium event: CUPFINAL

29 Big name in camping gear: COLEMAN

31 Make up partner: KISS

32 Like some illegal employment practices: AGEIST

33 Lure into a lair: ENTRAP

35 SoFi Stadium NFLer: LARAM

37 Mine feature: SHAFT

38 Looked at too long: STARED

39 Select members for, as a jury: IMPANEL

41 Swab over: IEMOP

43 Petting zoo animal: PONY

44 Academic hiatuses: GAPYEAIS

46 Disconcert: JAI

48 Sorkin of “Days of Our Lives”: ARLEEN

50 Dinsmore of kid lit: ELSIE

51 Inclusive word: TOO

52 Form 1040 fig.: AGI

53 Circus barkers: SEALS

54 Read: PERUSE

56 “Well, _that special!”: “SNL” catchphrase: ISNT

57 Oater sound effects: GUNSHOTS

59 Legal scholar Guinier: LANI

60 Mole, maybe: SPY

62 Aqua __: gold dissolver: REGIA

63 Ease, as one’s mind: SETATIEST

67 Nigerian seaport: LAGOS

71 HBO rival: TMC

73 _ Goose vodka: GREY

74 Large green- winged flier: LUNAMOTH

76 Open ones are welcoming: ARMS

79 Honey-do-this response: OKDEAR

82 Baron Cohen’s Kazakh journalist: BORAT

83 Name in alphabetical order? STU

84 Intl. broadcasting initials: VOA

85 Letter-shaped track segment: IRAIL

86 Hope that one may: SEEKTO

87 See 105-Across: POT

88 Swiss winds: ALPHORNS

90 Maine, to Macron: ETAT

92 Start of a few choice words? EENIE

94 Bird migration routes: FLYWAYS

95 Elegy for one voice: MONODY

97 Five Pillars faith 100 The same, on the Seine 101 Ivanhoe’s love 102 Trattoria entrée 103 Jellystone Park bear 105 Make more tempting, as the: ISLAM

87 87-Across: POT

107 Ad campaign components: MAILOUTS

109 “Not_out of you!”: “Shh!”: APEEP

111 Signed, as an agreement: ENTEIEDINTO

113 Canine order: SIT

114 Greek-American New Ager: YANNI

115 Headliner: STAR

116 One of three in “Macbeth”: SCENEV

117 “_ seen worse”: IVE

118 Pilgrim John: ALDEN

119 Kitchen amts.: TSPS

120 “Forrest Gump” actor: SINISE

121 Rogue: CAD


1 Tourist draws: MECCAS

2 “I’ve had it!”: ENOUGH

3 Round jewelry item: HOOPEAIIING

4 Yuletide entrée: CHRISTMASHAM

5 Frequent: HAUNT

6 Austen title heroine: EMMA

7 Barbecued morsel: RIBLET

8 Needing TLC, say: ILL

9 Kind of microscope: ELECTRON

10 Angela Martin, e.g., in “The Office”: CATLADY

11 Intl. delegate: UNIEP

12 Brush (over): SKIM

13 Solemn periodic Vatican event: PAPALMASS

14 ’603 chic: MOD

15 Gonzaga University city: SPOKANE

16 Sub fillers: DELIMEATS

17 Bubbles and blueberries: ORBS

18 Comes out with: SAYS

25 “Either/ 0r” author Kierkegaard: SOREN

28 Wind with a drum: FIFE

30 Dover diapers: NAPPIES

34 Shaving spots: NAPES

36 Comical Martha: RAYE

38 Evidence of egg toss errors: SPLATS

39 House, in Inuit: IGLU

40 Dianetics creator Hubbard: LION

42 Treat often eaten filling-first: OREO

45 Lush: SOT

46 13-time NHL all- star Jaromir __: JAGR

47 Flu symptom: AGUE

49 “What _ can I do?”: ELSE

50 New York canal: ERIE

54 British pop: PATER

55 Eliza’s ’elper ’iggins: ENIY

56 Start of Popeye’s credo: IYAM

58 Is in session: SITS

59 “_ Croft: Tomb Raider”: LARA

61 Subject never quite resolved in “When Harry Met Sally...”: PLATONICLOVE

64 Neutrogena shampoo brand: TGEL

65 Gin flavor: SLOE

66 Clunker: TURKEY

68 “Oh Happy Day” genre: GOSPELMUSIC

69 Bart’s bus driver: OTTO

70 Open-and-__ case: SHUT

72 Rounds up: CORRALS

75 Kid-lit’s _ the Great: NATE

76 “Selma” director DuVernay: AVA

77 Massage deeply: ROLF

78 Atlas feature: MAPLEGEND

80 Adidas Yeezy collaborator: KANYEWEST

81 Talk trash about: DISS

82 Back at Belmont: BETON

85 Sioux City state: IOWA

86 Rationality: SANENESS

89 Healthy routine: HYGIENE

90 Overly dramatic types: EMOTERS

91 Airport fixture: TOWEI

93 World Golf Hall of Fameerki: ISAO

96 “The Omen” child: DAMIEN

98 ’90s-00s IBM PC: APTIVA

99 Sprayed gently: MISTED

101 Put another hole in, as a keg: RETAP

102 Web or camp follower: SITES

103 DaCosta of “Chicago Med”: YAYA

104 Iridescent gem: OPAL

106 Rhinitis docs: ENTS

108 Years in Caesar’s time: ANNI

110 Stick with it: PIN

112 Rank of Brit. TV sleuth Morse: DCI

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