LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 26 February 2017

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Los Angeles Times 26 February 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 26 February 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Made a mess of: BLEW

5 Authorizes: OKAYS

10 Audibly jarred: AGASP

15 Off the premises: AWAY

19 Coastal South American capital: LIMA

20 Unenthusiastic about, with "for": NOTUP

21 Hard wear: ARMOR

22 "Good job!": NICE

23 Wistful word: ALAS

24 Words after do or before you: IDARE

25 Trendy tots' footwear? HIPBOOTIES

27 Tipsy tour members? HIGHROADIES

30 How Steak Diane is traditionally served: FLAMBE

31 Ermine cousin: MINK

32 One may be responsible for rain: DEITY

34 Came down: POURED

38 Gambler's concern: SPREAD

41 "Dog Whisperer" Millan: CESAR

43 Starting point: STEPONE

44 Extended time off, briefly: LOA

45 Bakery products made with white chocolate? LIGHTBROWNIES

49 HVAC measure: BTU

50 It's near the humerus: ULNA

52 Hard to keep up? POUTY

53 Musical shortcoming: NOEAR

54 Publication sales fig.: CIRC

55 Diploma word: MAGNA

57 Sit in a cellar, say: AGE

58 Opposite of belt: CROON

59 Co-star of Keanu in "The Whole Truth": RENEE

60 Isn't serious: PRETENDS

62 Stake-driving tools: MAULS

63 Many a March birth: PISCES

64 Chef's supply: HERBS

65 Has to repeat, maybe: FAILS

66 Mouthy retort: DIDSO

67 Superhuman: BIONIC

69 “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang” rapper: DRDRE

70 Pay attention: TAKENOTE

73 More than apologize: ATONE

74 New York governor Andrew: CUOMO

75 Catch a bug, say: AIL

76 Amassed, with "in": RAKED

77 When tripled, a story shortener: YADA

78 University town near Bangor: ORONO

79 Brilliant display: ECLAT

81 Emphatic assent, in Sonora: SISI

82 Govt.-issued aid: SSI

83 Complimentary hotel apparel? GUESTNIGHTIES

86 Changed-my-mind key: ESC

87 Protective film: ACETATE

89 Boundaries: EDGES

90 Zeroes in on: AIMSAT

92 Stunning instruments: TASERS

93 "The Picasso of our profession," to Seinfeld: PRYOR

95 Folk first name: ARLO

96 Unabbreviated: ENTIRE

98 "Check out those platters of candy and fudge!"? LOOKGOODIES

104 Tournament-changing scores? BIGBIRDIES

108 Gaucho's turf: LLANO

109 Couture monthly: ELLE

110 Kibbles 'n Bits shelfmate: ALPO

111 Brief concession: ILOSE

112 "Don't care what they do": LETEM

113 Upswing: RISE

114 Elaborate ruse: HOAX

115 Cookware brand: PYREX

116 Puts one over on: SNOWS

117 Call for: NEED


1 Hardly thrilling: BLAH

2 Taylor of "Six Feet Under": LILI

3 Webby Award candidate: EMAG

4 Words written with an index? WASHME

5 Party bowlful: ONIONDIP

6 Longtime photo lab supplier: KODAK

7 Somewhat: ATAD

8 Doctor Zhivago: YURI

9 Passes in a blur: SPEEDSBY

10 "How relaxing!": AAH

11 Ill-gotten gains: GRIFT

12 With room to spare: AMPLY

13 Noodle sometimes served with a dipping sauce: SOBA

14 Provider of cues: PROMPTER

15 Get in on the deal: ANTEUP

16 __ Fit: video exercise game: WII

17 Par-four rarity: ACE

18 "No doubt": YES

26 Penetrating winds: OBOES

28 Capital of Yemen: RIAL

29 Scorch: SEAR

33 Strict control: IRONRULE

35 Snacks Batman can't have? ROBINCOOKIES

36 Primary course: ENTREE

37 They may be wild: DEUCES

38 Rough patch: SLUMP

39 Really cold: POLAR

40 Protective tops for cattle drivers? RANGEHOODIES

41 Guzzles: CHUGS

42 Novel conclusion: ETTE

43 Phillips of "I, Claudius": SIAN

46 Incites: GOADS

47 Angora and alpaca: WOOLS

48 Modernists, informally: NEOS

51 Signal receiver: ANTENNA

54 Citation Mustangs, e.g.: CESSNAS

56 Cliff dwelling: AERIE

58 Coptic Museum city: CAIRO

59 Bill add-on: RIDER

61 "The Blacklist" network: NBC

62 Contingency funds: MADMONEY

63 Water__: dental brand: PIK

65 Illegal laundering operation, say: FRONT

66 __ Lama: DALAI

67 Reacts to, as a dog does the moon: BAYSAT

68 Minnesota lake: ITASCA

69 OutKast and others: DUOS

70 Is inclined: TILTS

71 "The Gondoliers" bride: TESSA

72 Royal order: EDICT

74 First Nations tribe: CREE

75 Heat rub target: ACHE

78 Surpass: OUTSTRIP

79 Deep-fried appetizers: EGGROLLS

80 Elegant cafés: TEAROOMS

83 Bouquet __: GARNI

84 Object of adoration: IDOL

85 Rural structure: SILO

88 Driver's starting point: TEEBOX

91 In step with the times: MODERN

93 Earlier offense: PRIOR

94 Singer Della: REESE

95 Late-'60s Maryland governor: AGNEW

97 In a laid-back manner: IDLY

99 Author Robert __ Butler: OLEN

100 Green Hornet sidekick: KATO

101 Netman Nastase: ILIE

102 Apart from this: ELSE

103 Flower child? SEED

104 "What nonsense!": BAH

105 Worldwide workers' gp.: ILO

106 Scholastic meas.: GPA

107 It sells in advertising: SEX

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