LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 26 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 26 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 26 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Commerce pact to be replaced by USMCA when it's ratified: NAFTA

6 __ circus: MEDIA

11 Cook quickly: ZAP

14 Fluffed-up dos: AFROS

15 Apple music players: IPODS

16 Actress Longoria: EVA

17 *Top brass: HEADHONCHOS

19 Outlaw: BAN

20 Iraq War concern: Abbr.: WMD

21 New beginning? NEO

22 Spine-tingling: EERIE

24 Farm female: EWE

25 *Response to wild applause: CURTAINCALL

28 Almost on "E": LOW

29 Biblical mount: ASS

30 Attend: GOTO

31 "The Art of Loving" author Erich: FROMM

33 Cubs' home: DEN

34 Fort Collins sch.: CSU

37 *Political metaphor about dealing with bureaucracy: DRAINTHESWAMP

41 Wild blue yonder: SKY

42 Unagi, e.g.: EEL

43 Beyond angry: IRATE

45 Membership fees: DUES

47 "Help!" at sea: SOS

49 P-like letter: RHO

50 *Market-based pollution-control policy: CAPANDTRADE

54 "__ Explain Things to Me": 2014 Rebecca Solnit essay anthology: MEN

55 Yellow-and-white daisy: OXEYE

56 "Otoh, what will you pay?": OBO

57 Long of "Empire": NIA

58 A-lister: VIP

59 Classic "Psycho" segment where one might see the starts of the answers to starred clues: SHOWERSCENE

64 Canon SLR: EOS

65 Programmer: CODER

66 Certain Jamaican, religiously: RASTA

67 Brief reaction to oversharing: TMI

68 Newspaper essays: OPEDS

69 Wild West movie: OATER


1 "Don't think so": NAH

2 Brief thing to say: AFEWWORDS

3 Basic structure: FRAMEWORK

4 Lincoln in-law: TODD

5 Shade of gray: ASH

6 Ones who dig hard rock? MINERS

7 Florida theme park: EPCOT

8 Play-__: kids' clay: DOH

9 Wedding promise: IDO

10 Agreement: ASSENT

11 Striped equine: ZEBRA

12 To no __: useless: AVAIL

13 Group of judges: PANEL

18 Weight on one's shoulders: ONUS

23 Tesla Model X, for one: ECOCAR

24 "The Hobbit" being: ELF

25 Sleeveless top, for short: CAMI

26 "A Death in the Family" author: AGEE

27 + or - particles: IONS

32 "Help!" at sea: MAYDAY

33 UPS rival: DHL

35 Most ingratiatingly earnest: SMARMIEST

36 Get serious, gambler-style: UPTHEANTE

38 Can't live without: NEED

39 Push to the limit: TEST

40 Sage: WISE

44 Seemingly forever: EON

46 World Heritage Site org.: UNESCO

47 Civil War swords: SABERS

48 Baking soda target: ODOR

50 Tenth Commandment verb: COVET

51 Universal principle: AXIOM

52 One side in the "cola wars": PEPSI

53 Crewed in a shell: ROWED

57 College Football Playoff org.: NCAA

60 Sock __: HOP

61 Lyrical tribute: ODE

62 "No seats" sign: SRO

63 Cup handle: EAR

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