LA Times Crossword answers Friday 26 February 2021

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Los Angeles Times 26 February 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 26 February 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 It's found in a lock ... or a loch: OAR

4 Founder of one of Israel's Twelve Tribes: JUDAH

9 Multilevel marketing giant: AMWAY


15 __ territory: ENEMY

16 Lake near Squaw Valley: TAHOE

17 Beneficial tree tapping? HEALTHSAP

19 Leaning: ATILT

20 Vex: RILE

21 Come into: INHERIT

23 Willing subject? ESTATE

26 Renowned: EMINENT

29 Wildebeest with a habit? SMOKINGGNU

32 Wells' Weena et al.: ELOI

33 Mississippi river to the Mississippi River: YAZOO

34 The Aire runs through it: LEEDS

35 Common online interruptions: ADS

38 Domed building: ROTUNDA

41 "Give or take" ending: ISH

42 Actress Tierney: MAURA

44 Projectionist's stack: REELS

46 Otherwise: ELSE

47 Hoop site? ENDOFANEAR

52 One-named "Unapologetic" singer: RIHANNA

54 Pang: TWINGE

55 "That completely overwhelmed me!": ILOSTIT

58 Favorable points: PROS

59 Range: AMBIT

61 Reversed, in a way ... and a hint to the creation of five puzzle answers: INSIDEOUT

64 Garçon's handout: CARTE

65 Go on the stump: ORATE

66 Oklahoma native: OTO

67 Binge-watching mealtime aids: TRAYS

68 Not cool at all: NERDY

69 Mint holder: TIN


1 Earth tones: OCHRES

2 Fair-hiring problem: AGEISM

3 Venetian marketplace: RIALTO

4 Contrail source: JET

5 John Irving alma mater: Abbr.: UNH

6 Lucy's guy: DESI

7 "__ Called Ove": 2015 film: AMAN

8 Honky-tonk line? HYPHEN

9 Big name in games: ATARI

10 Play before supper: MATINEE

11 Hawaiian wedding accessory? WHITELEI

12 Early internet co.: AOL

13 Still: YET

18 Needing caulking: LEAKY

22 LiMu __: ad bird: EMU

24 Prom queen topper: TIARA

25 Carmaker Ferrari: ENZO

27 Subtle approvals: NODS

28 Morticia, to Gomez: TISH

30 Came down with: GOT

31 Melon, e.g.: GOURD

34 Bochco series: LALAW

35 OAS part: Abbr.: AMER

36 Surrealist friend of Garc’a Lorca: DALI

37 Top for a Japanese dish? SUSHIBRA

39 Prefix with con: NEO

40 Dexterous: DEFT

43 "Survivor" genre: REALITY

45 Wading bird: SNIPE

47 Half of nine? ENS

48 One with an anthem: NATION

49 Plant deeply: ENROOT

50 Rainforest rodent: AGOUTI

51 Lie atop: RESTON

53 Score in a score: NOTES

56 Memo intro: INRE

57 Old despot: TSAR

59 Pretend to be: ACT

60 Deface: MAR

62 "__ be fun!": ITD

63 34-Down actress: DEY

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