LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 26 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 26 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 26 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Be temporarily: ACTAS

6 Pulitzer-winning journalist for her Clinton-Lewinsky columns: DOWD

10 Part of an ear: COB

13 Heckle: TAUNT

14 2018 documentary about Alex Honnold's conquest of El Capitan: FREESOLO

16 Like a classic Reuben: ONRYE

17 "Are you serious!?": WAITWHAT

18 Key of Chopin's Ballade No. 1: GMINOR

19 Mariner's worry: REEFS

20 Minute quality: TININESS

23 Pastoral sounds: BAAS

24 Return address for guilty sorts? SCENEOFTHECRIME

28 Written in the stars: MEANTTOBE

29 6-Down info: ETAS

33 "My Fair Lady" composer: LOEWE

34 Law school newbie: ONEL

35 Postgame celebrations: FISTPUMPS

37 Elusive result: FAIRYTALEENDING

44 Enervate: TIRE

45 Well-thought-of: ESTEEMED

46 John of Scotch fame: DEWAR

48 Showrunner Shonda: RHIMES

49 Colorful quartz variety: AMETHYST

53 Victim of Hermes: ARGUS

54 Trepidatious query starter: DAREIASK

55 [Shrug]: DUNNO

56 Mellow, in some cases: AGE

57 What one often wears out? COAT

58 City near DŸsseldorf: ESSEN


1 __ Fireball: hot candy: ATOMIC

2 Boxer, for instance: CANINE

3 Call it a night: TURNIN

4 Fishing line? ANYONE

5 Sound choice: STEREO

6 Tex. airport that's bigger than Manhattan: DFW

7 1/24 of un giorno: ORA

8 One of China's Northern Dynasties: WEI

9 Take away: DETRACT

10 Unity: COHESION

11 "Frozen" snowman who sings "In Summer": OLAF

12 Some spammers: BOTS

15 Certify: SWEARTO

18 Sporty rides: GTS

21 Calif. home of works by Matisse and Warhol: SFMOMA

22 Skyline feature: STEEPLE

23 Prefix with diction: BENE

25 Mooring cable openings: HAWSES

26 U.K. honor: MBE

27 Sushi bar fare: EEL

29 False start? EFF

30 __ Maria: TIA

31 So to speak: ASITWERE

32 Mark with bands: STRIATE

33 Ukulele forebear: LUTE

36 Like a costly victory: PYRRHIC

38 Schwab rival: ETRADE

39 '60s-chic jackets: NEHRUS

40 Stoops: DEIGNS

41 Protected, in a way: IMMUNE

42 "Taken" trilogy surname: NEESON

43 Dept. store stock: GDS

46 Post-WWI art movement: DADA

47 Kindle read: EMAG

50 Former hoopster __ Ming: YAO

51 Org. funded by FICA: SSA

52 Box office buy: Abbr.: TKT

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