LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 26 January 2017

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Los Angeles Times 26 January 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 26 January 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hindu noble: RAJA

5 Like pastrami: CURED

10 Rum cake: BABA

14 "O no! it is an __-fixed mark ... ": Shak.: EVER

15 "SNL" alum Cheri: OTERI

16 Restaurant in the same corporate group as Applebee's: IHOP

17 What rattlers that never bask in the sun may get? PALESCALES

19 Pool element: GENE

20 Vegetable __: OIL

21 Sore: ACHY

22 Oaf: LUMMOX

24 Careless: SLOPPY

26 "This __ test": ISA

27 Strikebreakers at a brewery? SIXPACKSCABS

34 "Curb Your Enthusiasm" creator: DAVID

37 Different: OTHER

38 By way of: VIA

39 Controversial sightings: UFOS

40 Demonstrators, often: ANTIS

41 Grammy category: FOLK

42 Budgetary waste: FAT

43 Allen who managed the Beatles and Stones: KLEIN

44 Farmyard noises: OINKS

45 What berets cover? FRENCHSCALPS

48 Wee battery: AAA

49 Odorless gas: ETHANE

53 Declare: AFFIRM

56 Comic actor Jacques: TATI

58 Words in praiseful titles: TOA

59 Track component: RAIL

60 Angry looks in the hayloft? BARNSCOWLS

63 Military wind: FIFE

64 African herbivore: RHINO

65 Lot: FATE

66 Lost traction: SLID

67 Quaker in the forest: ASPEN

68 Adele's brother: FRED


1 They get carried away: REPOS

2 Be of use to: AVAIL

3 Pudding snack cup maker: JELLO

4 It may come after you: ARE

5 Bone below the sacrum: COCCYX

6 State on the Colorado Plateau: UTAH

7 Fall back (on): RELY

8 Before, in verse: ERE

9 Doesn't care for: DISLIKES

10 Lunch order with "special sauce": BIGMAC

11 "May I speak?": AHEM

12 Pro __: BONO

13 High point: APEX

18 Flavorful: SAPID

23 Cold War letters: USSR

25 Trident-shaped letters: PSIS

28 Johnnycakes: PONES

29 Top story: ATTIC

30 Fine __: CHINA

31 Lady's company? AVON

32 Take to the cleaners: BILK

33 Fifth Avenue store: SAKS

34 Keister: DUFF

35 Miles off: AFAR

36 Suffrage, with "the": VOTE

40 Moorish palace of southern Spain: ALHAMBRA

41 Sneakily seek, with "for": FISH

43 Dodge Aries, e.g.: KCAR

44 Eye-related: OPTIC

46 Aced: NAILED

47 Shows one's feelings: LETSON

50 Battling: ATWAR

51 "48 HRS." co-star: NOLTE

52 Moved carefully: EASED

53 Stray sounds? ARFS

54 Epic __: FAIL

55 Name for a poodle: FIFI

56 Vacation plan: TRIP

57 Diarist Frank: ANNE

61 "I get it" sounds: AHS

62 Not quite right: OFF

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