LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 26 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 26 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 26 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Selection process including the Sky and the Sun: WNBADRAFT

10 Anna of "The Emoji Movie": FARIS

15 Lip-syncing accompaniment? AIRGUITAR

16 "Me too": ASAMI

17 Bingo center square: FREESPACE

18 Hasbro game that requires twisting and pulling: BOPIT

19 Spacewalk initials: EVA

20 Ready for fumigation: TENTED

22 Metaphorical low area, with "the": PITS

23 Gathering tools: RAKES

25 Film dialect that uses subject-object inversion: YODASPEAK

27 1990s gaming release, initially: SNES

28 "LOTR" initials: JRR

29 Visitor center: SHORTI

30 Course with fruit, perhaps: ARTCLASS

33 Sure-footed critters: ASSES

34 Licorice, e.g.: ROOT

35 Increase: HIKE

37 Commented on EweTube? BAAED

40 Ironically, designation for the fourth film release in a classic sequence: EPISODEI

44 Remove the zest from: UNPEEL

46 Record no.: RPM

47 Tablets brand ... or, cutely, what they treat: TUMS

49 Saves for the future: SALTSAWAY

51 Hardly taciturn: VOCAL

52 Whack: STAB

53 Andalusian city on the Costa del Sol: MALAGA

55 One in a conflict, maybe: EGO

56 Utter: TOTAL

58 2017 hit comedy about a women's weekend getaway: GIRLSTRIP

60 QB's protection, in football lingo: OLINE

61 Type of gland: ENDOCRINE

62 Hangs: PENDS

63 Where I-35 and I-80 intersect: DESMOINES


1 Symbols of thinness: WAFERS

2 End point of the Noble Eightfold Path: NIRVANA

3 CBer's opening word: BREAKER

4 Golden __: AGE

5 Decisively outraces: DUSTS

6 Begging to be picked: RIPE

7 Nonetheless: ATANYRATE

8 Two and one, for two: FACTORS

9 Trapped, in a way: TREED

10 Old-style dope? FAB

11 In contrast with: ASOPPOSEDTO

12 Narrow-bladed swords: RAPIERS

13 Do in a bit: IMITATE

14 Winter Paralympians' equipment: SITSKIS

21 Legal pros: DAS

24 Jersey Shore rockers since the '70s: ESTREETBAND

26 Visored military cap: SHAKO

28 Companion of A-Rod: JLO

31 Works on programs: CODES

32 Where some subs are fixed: SHIPYARDS

36 Belief: ISM

37 No-parking area: BUSSTOP

38 Literary France: ANATOLE

39 Lang. test for top students: APLATIN

41 Cajun confection: PRALINE

42 Skincare brand from the Greek for "beautiful wax": EUCERIN

43 Envision: IMAGINE

45 Fast flight: LAM

48 Inclines: SLOPES

50 Engaged in: WAGED

51 Explorer da Gama: VASCO

54 Latch (onto): GLOM

57 Arles article: LES

59 Piece of TNT? TRI

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