LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 26 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 26 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 26 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Natural sand bank: BERM

5 Historic times: AGES

9 Standing at attention, say: ERECT

14 Diva's solo: ARIA

15 Meter starter: DECI

16 Cookie maker's tool: MIXER

17 Oxymoronic '80s sci-fi film title: BACKTOTHEFUTURE

20 "Jeopardy!" contestant: ASKER

21 Cub slugger: SOSA

22 Paradise: EDEN

23 Anasazi home setting: MESA

25 "__ the season ... ": TIS

27 Crowd no., often: EST

28 Out-of-the-way access: SIDEENTRANCE

33 It's its own square: ONE

34 Nice water? EAU

35 Lanai greeting: ALOHA

39 '70s-'80s series about the Drummond family ... and what the starts of four long answers are: DIFFRENTSTROKES

44 Enjoying a scone, maybe: ATTEA

45 Call to Jude? HEY

46 RN workplaces: ORS

47 Place for a pen: BREASTPOCKET

52 African snake: ASP

55 Major NJ airport: EWR

56 Prepare to mail: SEAL

57 Small deer: ROES

59 NYC's __ River: EAST

61 Salamanca snacks: TAPAS

65 Seafood order: BUTTERFLYSHRIMP

68 Frisky swimmer: OTTER

69 "The Clan of the Cave Bear" protagonist: AYLA

70 Fencing tool: EPEE

71 Feature of Mike and Ike candy? RHYME

72 Pour: TEEM

73 Look after: TEND


1 Quick Draw's sidekick __ Looey: BABA

2 Historic times: ERAS

3 "Casablanca" hero: RICK

4 Bully's challenge: MAKEME

5 Turmoil: ADO

6 Enjoys the beach, say: GETSATAN

7 Canyon comeback: ECHO

8 Afternoon break: SIESTA

9 Long-legged runner: EMU

10 Serious ceremony: RITE

11 Radiate: EXUDE

12 Roman goddess of agriculture: CERES

13 Stoke-on-__: English city: TRENT

18 Plant with a trunk: TREE

19 Gladly, to Shakespeare: FAIN

24 Old-time knife: SNEE

26 Sign of surgery: SCAR

28 Pop at a counter: SODA

29 Down but not out: INIT

30 Slick: DEFT

31 Babe and a doctor: RUTHS

32 "Do Ya" rock gp.: ELO

36 "That's enough!": OKOK

37 "You are __": mall map info: HERE

38 Exec.'s helper: ASST

40 Big mo. for chocolate purchases: FEB

41 Steakhouse order: RARE

42 Established method: SETSTYLE

43 Work at a keyboard: TYPE

48 Pretty pitcher: EWER

49 1994 Peace co-Nobelist with Rabin and Peres: ARAFAT

50 Solemn vow: OATH

51 Brit's Bordeaux: CLARET

52 Garden recess: ARBOR

53 TV's "__ Park": SOUTH

54 Tom of the Traveling Wilburys: PETTY

58 Stop, as a flow: STEM

60 Roy Rogers' birth name: SLYE

62 Plumbing part: PIPE

63 "Right you are!": AMEN

64 Went too fast: SPED

66 Before, to a poet: ERE

67 Yosemite __: SAM

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