LA Times Crossword answers Friday 26 July 2019

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Los Angeles Times 26 July 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 26 July 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Promotional giveaways: COMPS

6 Hard-to-sell wheels: HEAP

10 Muscles in a flex-off: PECS

14 Illusory pictures: OPART

15 __ rug: AREA

16 M┼Żlange: OLIO

17 Airline category for hombres? SENORCLASS

19 Colorado's __ Verde National Park: MESA

20 It's as low as it gets: NADIR

21 Handy bag: TOTE

23 USPS delivery: CTN

24 Fast no more: EAT

25 Run in prison? CONOPERATED

28 Battle (for): VIE

29 Menlo Park, N.J., notable: TAE

30 Surgical tools: LASERS

31 Bellicose god: ARES

33 "__ the night before ... ": TWAS

36 Gregg user: STENO

37 Sculptor, at times? NOSEMAKER

40 Old Nick: SATAN

43 Massachusetts Bay city: LYNN

44 "Little we see in Nature that is __": Wordsworth: OURS

48 Code of silence: OMERTA

50 Freight weight: TON

52 Born, in Bordeaux: NEE

53 VIP at royal banquets? CHEFOFSTATE

56 Chain letters? DNA

57 Author Kesey: KEN

58 Piece of farm equipment: PLOW

59 Limited message: TWEET

61 Historic periods: ERAS

63 Minimal red-removing amount ... and a phonetic hint to four long answers: ONEEYEDROP


67 Gray's subj.: ANAT

68 Uninterrupted movement: SEGUE

69 Bit of choreography: STEP

70 Youngster: TYKE

71 Govt. security: TNOTE


1 NYSE listings: COS

2 Like outdoor theaters: OPENAIR

3 Dugong relative: MANATEE

4 Encourage: PROD

5 Rigid: STRICT

6 Actor Holbrook: HAL

7 Sister of Euterpe: ERATO

8 Writer with lessons: AESOP

9 Soft shade: PASTEL

10 Little dog: POM

11 Winner at the polls: ELECTEE

12 Water storage tank: CISTERN

13 Blankety-blank type: SOANDSO

18 Certain Slavs: CROATS

22 Clear: ERASE

24 Girl rescued by Uncle Tom: EVA

26 Staircase post: NEWEL

27 Member of MLB's 2017 champions: ASTRO

32 24-Across greedily: SNARF

34 Acker of "The Gifted": AMY

35 Nick working at night? SANTA

38 Good way to go out: ONTOP

39 __ pine: KNOTTY

40 Light bulb holders: SOCKETS

41 UMass town whose third letter isn't pronounced: AMHERST

42 Like many new drivers: TEENAGE

45 Experience: UNDERGO

46 Charge to occupy: RENTOUT

47 Red or Black: SEA

49 Financially sound: AFLOAT

51 Having collected the least dust: NEWEST

54 Corleone brother: SONNY

55 Fine-tune: TWEAK

60 Fall locale: EDEN

62 Indy letters: STP

64 Automne follows it: ETE

65 Protest leader? PEE

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