LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 26 July 2020

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Los Angeles Times 26 July 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 26 July 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Take pieces from? DISARM

7 Applaud: CLAP

11 Practice fighting: SPAR

15 Likely to evoke an "Eww!": ICKY

19 Big fan: ADORER

20 Sword handle: HILT

21 Andrew Jackson carried one with a sword in it: CANE

22 Not just eat: DINE

23 Marie Curie has two of them: NOBELS

24 Tiny bit: IOTA

25 Juan's "yesterday": AYER

26 Grandson of Eve: ENOS

27 Spirited style: ELAN

28 Disney film set in Polynesia: MOANA

30 Amphetamines, e.g.: STIMULANTS

32 Petit four purveyor: PATISSERIE

35 West Coast ZIP starter: NINE

36 Wore (away): ATE

37 Econ. indicator: GDP

39 Alcohol type: ETHYL

40 Braided Jewish bread: BABKA

42 Julia Louis-Dreyfus' eleven: EMMYS

44 Deutsche darling: LIEBCHEN

46 Lab dish eponym: PETRI

47 It was inspired by Sunshine Hydrox cookies: OREO

48 Not quite circular: OVAL

49 Dangerous snake: ADDER

51 Hebrew winter month: ADAR

53 Finishes: ENDS

56 Ill will: MALICE

59 Something you don't see everyday: RARITY

61 Derby favorite, say: BESTBET

63 Black-and-white: PATROLCAR

65 Get some rays: BASK

66 Neighbor of Mex.: USA

67 Rehab symptoms, briefly: DTS

70 Where Tennyson's "light brigade" charged: CRIMEA

71 Noble Brit: ARISTO

73 Cloud site: SKY

74 Very long time: EON

75 Gift-wrapping aid: TAPE

76 Asset in a crisis: LEVELHEAD

79 Trite saying: BROMIDE

81 Happened to: BEFELL

82 Use just one water ski: SLALOM

86 Hamlet's first option: TOBE

87 Letter abbr.: ENCL

89 1986 U.S. Open champ Raymond __: FLOYD

91 Over with: DONE

92 Dupes: SAPS

94 Organic fertilizer: HUMUS

96 Domestic platforms: TERRACES

99 Not at all glossy: MATTE

101 Actor Douglas and quarterback Cousins: KIRKS

102 Snowboarder White: SHAUN

103 Cigar discard: ASH

104 Latin lover's assertion: AMO

105 Horse color: ROAN

107 Playground game with a rope and a pole: TETHERBALL

110 Wallabies and wombats: MARSUPIALS

113 Bread source: BAKER

114 Not much: ABIT

117 Soft cheese: BRIE

118 Notice: ESPY

119 Sushi seaweed: NORI

120 Ready to play: INTUNE

122 Over again: ANEW

123 Silhouetted road sign animal: DEER

124 Soon, long ago: ANON

125 Succumbs to static: CLINGS

126 Impertinence: SASS

127 Span. miss: SRTA

128 Warp: BEND

129 Becomes aware of: SENSES


1 Jutland native: DANE

2 False god: IDOL

3 Tearjerker's quality? SOBAPPEAL

4 Large venue: ARENA

5 Brother, e.g.: Abbr.: REL

6 Title assassin in a 2005 Pitt-Jolie film: MRSMITH

7 Mysterious foliage-sprouting proclivity? CHIASYNDROME

8 Model train giant: LIONEL

9 Vow locale: ALTAR

10 Org. concerned with students: PTA

11 Vocal improv: SCAT

12 Remit with goatskin? PAYINKID

13 Persistent weakness: ANEMIA

14 Show again: RERUN

15 Notion: IDEA

16 Vehicle for transporting bark spice? CINNAMONBUS

17 Difficult to solve: KNOTTY

18 Words of assent: YESSES

29 Rapper Ice Cube's first name: OSHEA

30 Senator's place: SEAT

31 Lascivious look: LEER

33 Gumshoe: TEC

34 Spanish airline: IBERIA

37 Seize, slangily: GLOM

38 Met celebrity: DIVA

41 Donkey song? BRAY

43 Come across: MEET

45 Radar screen spot: BLIP

46 Sheet material: PERCALE

47 Greek victim of the Furies: ORESTES

50 Glen cousin: DALE

52 Shame: ABASH

54 Writing __: DESK

55 Legal suspension: STAY

57 Desert plants: CACTI

58 Online stock transactions: ETRADES

60 Moving memoir subject? TRAVELS

62 Nordic toast: SKOAL

64 Get ready to eat? RIPEN

65 Western hero noted for his thoughtfulness? BILLYTHEKIND

67 Card balance, say: DEBT

68 Matador's opponent: TORO

69 Tales of social climbers? SNOBSTORIES

72 Move, in some ads: RELO

77 Gush: EFFUSE

78 Pops, to baby: DADA

80 Essence: MEAT

81 Short-term memory? BLUR

83 Farmers market baked goods? LOCALBUNS

84 Change for a five: ONES

85 Netting: MESH

88 Ceramic dog, maybe? CHINAPET

90 "The Wreck of the Mary __": DEARE

93 Quechua is one of its official languages: PERU

95 Trading places: Abbr.: MKTS

97 Text entries named for their traditional red color: RUBRICS

98 Genetic letters: RNA

99 African snakes: MAMBAS

100 Historic Nile excavation site: AMARNA

101 Roll or emperor: KAISER

102 2000s Israeli leader Ariel: SHARON

106 Slanted columns: OPEDS

108 Steak named for its shape: TBONE

109 Virgil's language: LATIN

111 Stitches up: SEWS

112 Heavenly harp: LYRA

115 Kansas-born playwright: INGE

116 Hardy's "Pure Woman Faithfully Presented": TESS

119 Pick up: NAB

121 Phillies' div.: NLE

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