LA Times Crossword answers Monday 26 July 2021

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Los Angeles Times 26 July 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 26 July 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "A Sorta Fairytale" singer Tori: AMOS

5 Hawaiian coffee region: KONA

9 Mostly closed, like a door: AJAR

13 Points connector: LINE

14 World's most populous democracy: INDIA

15 Expert: GURU

16 "Closing Bell" channel: CNBC

17 Reebok rival: NEWBALANCE

19 Rowing implement: OAR

20 Field of expertise: AREA

21 There are 10 in standard Monopoly named for states: Abbr.: AVES


26 Chicken-king link: ALA

27 Creep (along): SLINK

28 "Sesame Street" rating: TVG

31 Passions: ARDORS

34 "__ you ready?": ARE

35 Poet Silverstein: SHEL

36 Pasture neckwear: COWBELL

38 Creator of a spider named Charlotte: EBWHITE

40 GPS calculations: ETAS

41 Pro vote: YEA

43 "Silent Spring" author Rachel: CARSON

44 Like wallflowers: SHY

45 Vegan sources of protein: BEANS

47 Sign-off kisses: XES

48 1968 Steppenwolf hit featured in "Easy Rider": BORNTOBEWILD

52 Distort, as data: SKEW

54 Bearded flower: IRIS

55 Actress/activist Ruby: DEE

56 According to Sir Walter Scott, what "we weave, / When first we practise to deceive" ... and what appears in each set of circles: TANGLEDWEB

59 Fervor: ZEAL

60 Swedish furniture store: IKEA

61 Bursts of laughter: PEALS

62 Expel: OUST

63 Stitched up: SEWN

64 Haywire way to go: AWRY

65 Chooses: OPTS


1 Former maker of Reynolds Wrap: ALCOA

2 Rapper Nicki: MINAJ

3 Where many caught "Cats": ONBROADWAY

4 Part of a min.: SEC

5 Gets down to a tot's level: KNEELS

6 Discontinued smoothie brand: ODWALLA

7 Penpoint: NIB

8 Roadside assistance org.: AAA

9 Tequila source: AGAVE

10 May follower: JUNE

11 Rainbows, e.g.: ARCS

12 Feel remorse for: RUE

14 Memo heading: INRE

18 Like a beanpole: LANK

20 Far from clueless: AWARE

23 Splotches: BLOBS

24 Desperate, as straits: DIRE

25 Last non-AD yr.: ONEBC

28 Box orientation instruction: THISSIDEUP

29 White House no: VETO

30 Secluded spot: GLEN

31 "Pocket rockets," in poker: ACES

32 Kind of IRA: ROTH

33 More foxy: SLYER

35 Mole-like mammal: SHREW

37 Tilt: LEAN

39 Shapes, as eyebrows: WAXES

42 Like many peaceful protests: ANTIWAR

45 Cereal serving: BOWL

46 In a bad way: SORELY

48 Started: BEGAN

49 Drool catchers: BIBS

50 "It's the __ I can do": LEAST

51 Shoulder muscles, briefly: DELTS

52 Sushi bar beverage: SAKE

53 Was informed (of): KNEW

56 "__ the season ... ": TIS

57 AQI monitor: EPA

58 Beads on grass: DEW

59 State of chaos: ZOO

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