LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 26 June 2019

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Los Angeles Times 26 June 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 26 June 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 They may be exchanged in anger: WORDS

6 Jet stream locale? SPA

9 Ziti, e.g.: PASTA

14 Scrub, as a launch: ABORT

15 Short film? PIC

16 Pronouncement platform: ALTAR

17 It may be hard to turn down: NICEOFFER

19 Lumps: GLOBS

20 Small flightless bird: KIWI

21 "Oye Como Va" songwriter Puente: TITO

23 Barnyard noise: MOO

24 Low-risk investments: Abbr.: CDS

26 Stockpiled: LOADEDUPON

29 Stooped (over): HUNCHED

32 Beer container: CAN

33 "It matters to me": ICARE

34 "The Green Hornet" co-writer/star Rogen: SETH

37 Scorch: CHAR

41 Sitting in an assigned seat, e.g.: TAKINGONESPLACE

44 Editor's retraction: STET

45 Picnic pests: ANTS

46 Blows off steam: VENTS

47 Feverish, say: ILL

49 Doesn't continue, as an argument: LETSDIE

51 Corporate annual report focus: FISCALYEAR

56 "Irreverence is easy--what's hard is __": Tom Lehrer: WIT

57 Lime ending: ADE

58 12-1 MLB victory, e.g.: ROUT

59 Davenport setting: IOWA

62 Like spinach, say: LEAFY

64 Baking conveniences, and a hint to this puzzle's circles: CAKEMIXES

68 Tanning site: SALON

69 Spy org. called "The Company": CIA

70 Hapless: INEPT

71 North Sea county: ESSEX

72 __-country music: ALT

73 "Get it done!": TODAY


1 Lacking color: WAN

2 Tokyo sash: OBI

3 Large python: ROCKSNAKE

4 German trio: DREI

5 Put away: STOW

6 Sunscreen letters: SPF

7 Michelangelo masterpiece: PIETA

8 Sharp: ACRID

9 Taoist temple: PAGODA

10 Every one of: ALL

11 Defeat soundly: STOMP

12 Off-limits: TABOO

13 Fiery crime: ARSON

18 Computer menu heading: FILE

22 Computer fixers: TECHS

24 Vouchers: CHITS

25 Old European coin: DUCAT

27 Eats too much of, as junk food: ODSON

28 Family tree figures: UNCLES

30 Blogger, at times: CRITIC

31 Farm clucker: HEN

35 Sinusitis-treating doc: ENT

36 Edison contemporary: TESLA

38 Manually spiffed up at the carwash: HANDWAXED

39 When the duel occurs in "Hamilton": ACTII

40 Start over: RESET

42 Big name in California viticulture: GALLO

43 Entry-level GI: PVT

48 Voice box: LARYNX

50 Scary-sounding lake: ERIE

51 Like many a rumor: FALSE

52 Creative output: IDEAS

53 Makes airtight: SEALS

54 Desert plant with sword-shaped leaves: YUCCA

55 Source of net profits? ETAIL

60 Exclude: OMIT

61 Sot: WINO

63 Enemy: FOE

65 Dennings of "2 Broke Girls": KAT

66 AQI monitor: EPA

67 Muddy pen: STY

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