LA Times Crossword answers Friday 26 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 26 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 26 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 President before Wilson: TAFT

5 Sign of shock: GASP

9 Classical inspiration for the 2004 film "Troy": ILIAD

14 Another, in Mexico: OTRO

15 __ ID: USER

16 Chip in a bowl: NACHO

17 Almost at: NEAR

18 Long vehicle: LIMO

19 It has no subs: ATEAM

20 Avian athletic contest? GAMEOFFINCHES

23 Like a disciplinarian: STERN

24 Torque symbol, in mechanics: TAU

25 RV chain: KOA

28 Advanced degree for a gemologist? DOCTOROFFLAWS

33 Ominous: DIRE

34 Destinies: FATES

35 Push-up targets: PECS

39 Not against the rules: LEGAL

42 Like a hairpin: BENT

43 Stretched circles? OVALS

45 Brewpub array: ALES

47 Metropolis, thanks to Superman? CITYOFFLIGHTS

52 Corrida cheer: OLE

53 Waze suggestion: Abbr.: RTE

54 Estée Lauder subsidiary: AVEDA

57 Flunk out ... and what three long answers do? GETSTRAIGHTFS

62 Problematic bacterium: ECOLI

64 The Mississippi forms its eastern border: IOWA

65 Northern European capital: OSLO

66 Singer nicknamed "The Velvet Fog": TORME

67 Visible pollution: SMOG

68 Comics icon Lee: STAN

69 Vast chasm: ABYSS

70 Sun dog, e.g.: HALO

71 Carry: TOTE


1 Kitchen picker-uppers: TONGS

2 Patronized, as a diner: ATEAT

3 Like many museum paintings: FRAMED

4 Corrida star: TORERO

5 Wide gap: GULF

6 "Dream on!": ASIF

7 Big rig: SEMI

8 Stat relative: PRONTO

9 Highly annoyed: INAHUFF

10 Having missed the deadline: LATE

11 Item of hockey equipment: ICESKATE

12 Cry of discovery: AHA

13 Champagne title: DOM

21 Like much '80s-'90s music: ONCD

22 Half-__: coffee order: CAF

26 Wilson who voiced Lightning McQueen in "Cars" films: OWEN

27 A new exec may hire one: ASST

29 Shop __ you drop: TIL

30 Hematite, for one: ORE

31 Fit for a queen: REGAL

32 Yellow __: LAB

35 Somewhat, to Schubert: POCO

36 Villainous: EVIL

37 One in a Trivial Pursuit sextet: CATEGORY

38 Slick: SLY

40 Big name in Islam: ALI

41 KFC selection: LEG

44 Military pilot's missions: SORTIES

46 Heavy carpet: SHAG

48 NBA foul shots: FTS

49 Magic charm: FETISH

50 Jay Leno, for many years: TVHOST

51 Starts: SETSTO

55 Key of Chopin's "Minute Waltz": DFLAT

56 In concert: ASONE

58 "Slippery" trees: ELMS

59 Capital SSE of Firenze: ROMA

60 Nowhere to be found: AWOL

61 "Aladdin" parrot: IAGO

62 Pilot's approx.: ETA

63 Corn discard: COB

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