LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 26 June 2021

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Los Angeles Times 26 June 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 26 June 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 DIY creators of under-the-skin data storage devices: BIOHACKERS

11 Home of the NCAA's Mountaineers: WVA


15 Leave behind: SHED


17 __-price sale: HALF

18 Loan app fig.: SSN

19 Quick tennis match: ONESET

20 Adjective evoking past times: OLDE

21 Tolkien creature: ORC

22 __ Beach: Fla. recreation spot: STPETE

24 "Not right now": IMBUSY

27 Tree of Madagascar: BAOBAB

29 Bar order: NEAT

30 Fast cash venues: PAWNSHOPS

33 Musical exchange in many gospel songs: CALLANDRESPONSE

36 Departure notice: ALLABOARD

37 "Not that much": LESS

38 Thinking of stealing, maybe: ONBASE

39 Middle numbers in some measurements: WAISTS

41 Impassive: WOODEN

43 Key to going back: ESC

44 Hindu royal: RANI

45 Distributes online: SHARES

49 Wellness center: SPA

52 Goddess of Ellis Island? ISIS

53 White-sale holder, possibly: WINEDEALER

55 Radio host John: TESH

56 Offering proof of: EVIDENCING

57 11-Across is on it: EST

58 Worked for: REPORTEDTO


1 Spring sights: BUDS

2 Zoom and Lyft had them in 2019: IPOS

3 Not taken: OPEN

4 Chaps: HES

5 Leafy spots: ARBORS

6 Writer who created the Ryanverse: CLANCY

7 Beach flier, often: KITE

8 Rescue squad VIPs: EMTS

9 Heat up: RILE

10 "Boss of the Plains" tops: STETSONS

11 Sea creature fossil components: WHALEBONES

12 Word from Afrikaans for "field": VELDT

13 Charge that may be related to traffic: ADFEE

15 One who's often patronizing: SHOPAHOLIC


23 Cooking meas.: TBSP

24 Quechua speaker: INCA

25 Sit-down event, usually: MEAL

26 Job not included in the original "Around the World in Eighty Days": BALLOONIST

27 Dance class support: BARRE

28 Super-impressed: AWED

30 Kiss cam images, briefly: PDAS

31 "Over here!": PSST

32 Cong. period: SESS

34 Caen cleric: ABBE

35 Disappointing phone call result: NOANSWER

39 Garden tool: WEEDER

40 Go-ahead: ASSENT

41 Do novel work: WRITE

42 Havens: OASES

46 Sweet spot? HIVE

47 Have __: drink in moderation: ANIP

48 Go back over: REDO

49 Arrived home evasively: SLID

50 Shut (up): PENT

51 Ship that sailed from Iolcus: ARGO

54 Nail: ACE

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