LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 26 March 2017

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Los Angeles Times 26 March 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 26 March 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Plush carpet: SHAG

5 Lunchbox staples, initially: PBJS

9 Two-time Argentine president: PERON

14 Piglike rhino relative: TAPIR

19 Sword handle: HAFT

20 Beat but good: ROUT

21 Texas Revolution battle site: ALAMO

22 All-page link: ONONE

23 Field: Pref.: AGRO

24 Scrape in the sandbox: OWIE

25 Hold fast, as one's attention: RIVET

26 Get behind, as a desk: SITAT

27 Pouilly-__: wine: FUISSE


32 Sam Spade type: TEC

33 Wrote to, nowadays: EMAILED

35 Low-tech travel guide: AAAMAP

36 "You can't fool me!": AHA

38 Explorer Ericson: LEIF

39 Washroom item: BASIN

43 Nine months, for some tots: AGE

44 "Lou Grant' star: ASNER

46 Wash. neighbor: ORE

47 Language of many mottos: LATIN

48 Spikes: LACES

50 Reduce in importance: DEVALUE


54 Titanic undertaking: MAIDENVOYAGE

57 Really gets to: IRKS

59 Native of Nigeria: IBO

60 Sloppy kiss: WETONE

61 Cause of a close shave: RAZOR

64 Epidemic-fighting agcy.: CDC

67 Belief sys.: REL

68 Investment descriptor that should sound alarms: NORISK

69 For instance: NAMELY

70 Actor Stephen: REA

71 Suffix with stamp: EDE

72 Order to swabs: AVAST

73 Donizetti opera “L’elisir __” (“The Elixir of Love”): DAMORE

74 Poet's adverb: EER

75 Emotion indicator, often: TONE

77 City NNW of San Diego: MISSIONVIEJO

80 Gourmet: BONVIVANT

84 Hardly fleeting: ETERNAL

85 Casual tops: POLOS

88 Work well together: CLICK

89 '60s protest org.: SDS

91 "If I Were a Rich Man" singer: TEVYE

92 Pasta ending: INI

93 Pal: CRONY

94 Longfellow's bell town: ATRI

95 Half a fly: TSE

96 Like some ancient Celts: GALLIC

99 Dessert square: BROWNIE

101 Long John Silver creator's monogram: RLS

104 Many a side dish: GREENVEGETABLE

109 "__ Fideles": ADESTE

111 Little bits: IOTAS

112 Base lines: XAXES

113 Oater actor Jack: ELAM

115 Capital south of Helsinki: RIGA

116 Lycée student: ELEVE

117 Industry leaders: CZARS

118 Hieroglyphics bird: IBIS

119 Rise in a big way: LOOM

120 Cold fall: SLEET

121 Exaggerated on stage: HAMMY

122 "Eli's Coming" songwriter: NYRO

123 Word homophonically hidden in the eight longest puzzle answers: ENVY


1 Harsh treatment, with "the": SHAFT

2 World Court site, with "The": HAGUE

3 Tanzanian flowering plant: AFRICANVIOLET

4 Classic muscle cars: GTOS

5 Introduction: PROEM

6 Acknowledge applause: BOW

7 Better, as gossip: JUICIER

8 Metal marble: STEELIE

9 Medicare Rx section: PARTD

10 Lamb pen name: ELIA

11 Indian musician who influenced Beatle George: RAVI

12 Symbolic warning: OMEN

13 Homework shirker's punishment: NOTV

14 Puccini heroine: TOSCA

15 "West Side Story" girl: ANITA

16 River to Chesapeake Bay: POTOMAC

17 Hitting the roof: INARAGE

18 Enters again: RETYPES

28 Pfizer-owned trademark: SEARLE

30 One crying foul? REF

31 James' creator: IAN

34 Skin-treatment plant: ALOEVERA

37 Go: HEAD

39 Field unit: BALE

40 Dined: ATE

41 __City: computer game: SIM

42 Vacation spot: INN

44 Look up to: ADMIRE

45 Wet floor: SEABED

47 Theater option: LOGE

48 Irish truck: LORRY

49 Parrot's cry: AWK

51 Not yet interlaced, as yarn: UNWOVEN

52 Putted into the hole: SANK

53 Like some bad weather: VIOLENT

55 Up-and-down inventor? OTIS

56 2015 World Series winning manager Ned: YOST

58 Hollywood adaptation: SCREENVERSION

61 Trucks with ovine logos: RAMS

62 Mine, to Mimi: AMOI

63 Refines one's aim: ZEROESIN

65 Dance runner: DEEJAY

66 King of pop: CAROLE

68 Smallish iPods: NANOS

69 Tammany Hall Tiger artist: NAST

73 Childless couple's acronym: DINK

76 “I’ll take what I can get,” in classifieds: OBO

77 R&B singer Gray: MACY

78 Authenticated: VETTED

79 Riles up: IRES

81 DVD predecessor: VCI

82 U.N. workers' gp.: ILO

83 Cru output: VIN

85 Tot's toes: PIGGIES


87 1992 Kentucky Derby winner: LILETEE

89 Entered on tiptoe: STOLEIN

90 Med. man of '70s TV: DRWELBY

93 MML ÷ X: CCV

94 NYSE trader: ARB

97 Go: LEAVE

98 A metro area may be shown in one: INSET

99 Low in pitch: BASSY

100 Playground dispute words: IAMSO

102 St.'s second-in-command: LTGOV

103 Sordid: SEAMY

105 Part of NYSE: Abbr.: EXCH

106 __ Strip: GAZA

107 Final __: EXAM

108 Semester, e.g.: TERM

110 First name in legal fiction: ERLE

114 Tune: AIR

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