LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 26 March 2019

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Los Angeles Times 26 March 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 26 March 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Captain Sparrow portrayer Johnny: DEPP

5 Exam for jrs.: PSAT

9 Indy 500 family name: UNSER

14 Rio contents: AGUA

15 Machu Picchu builder: INCA

16 Loud salute: SALVO

17 Beethoven's birth city: BONN

18 *Evaluation by one's colleagues: PEERREVIEW

20 Colorful carp: KOI

22 "Born Free" lioness: ELSA

23 Skin woe: ACNE

24 *1984 Prince classic: PURPLERAIN

27 Razz: JEER

28 Like plagiarized work, say: STOLEN

29 Focus and Fiesta: FORDS

30 Office asst.: SECY

31 Spectacles on one's nose: GLASSES

36 "That isn't nice": TSK

37 Intensive goodwill campaign, briefly ... and a hint to the answers to starred clues: PRBLITZ

38 Except for West Wendover, Nevada summer hrs.: PDT

41 Sicilian seaport: MESSINA

42 Hard to come by: RARE

43 Glossy finish: SHEEN

46 Harsh critic: FLAYER

48 Very fancy: LUXE

49 *Region bordering the world's largest ocean: PACIFICRIM

53 USA part: Abbr.: AMER

54 Whirl around: SPIN

55 Drink from leaves: TEA

56 *Yellowstone VIP: PARKRANGER

59 French movie: CINE

62 Like much bar beer: ONTAP

63 Make, as money: EARN

64 "In your dreams!": ASIF

65 Abodes for birds: NESTS

66 Liberal or martial things: ARTS

67 Tenant's payment: RENT


1 Pat softly: DAB

2 Locker room issue: EGO

3 *Green Day genre: PUNKROCK

4 Impressive collection: PANOPLY

5 Spot on a die: PIP

6 Derisive look: SNEER

7 Amtrak high-speed train: ACELA

8 Ankle bones: TARSI

9 Function: USE

10 Four Corners natives: NAVAJOS

11 Sandwich maker's aid: SLICER

12 Smoothed: EVENED

13 Sculls competitors: ROWERS

19 Took off in a hurry: RAN

21 Percent suffix: ILE

24 Attention-getting sound: PSST

25 Four Corners natives: UTES

26 Some MIT grads: ENGRS

29 Tasseled hat: FEZ

32 Scale units: Abbr.: LBS

33 Baba among thieves: ALI

34 Confession disclosure: SIN

35 Work support group: STAFF

37 Cross product: PEN

38 *Union demand: PAYRAISE

39 Eins und zwei: DREI

40 Educational period: TERM

41 Mongoose family member that uses its tail to stand erect: MEERKAT

42 9-Across vehicle: RACECAR

43 Apply hurriedly: SLAPON

44 Showing compassion: HUMANE

45 Applies, as pressure: EXERTS

47 On fire: LIT

49 "Don't text and drive" ad, briefly: PSA

50 Snorer's disorder, perhaps: APNEA

51 Groucho's smoke: CIGAR

52 Like noble gases: INERT

57 Rotation meas.: RPS

58 IV league? RNS

60 Diarist Anaïs: NIN

61 Amphibian youngster: EFT

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