LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 26 March 2020

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Los Angeles Times 26 March 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 26 March 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Puts at ease: CALMS

6 Pinot alternative: CAB

9 Something about a painting? FRAME

14 Ryan of "Paper Moon": ONEAL

15 Brouhaha: ADO

16 Paint choice: LATEX

17 *Mechanical plaything: WINDUPTOY

19 __-garde: AVANT

20 Ambulance gp.: EMS

21 Quick inhalation: GASP

22 Horseshoe-shaped letter: OMEGA

23 Pennant __: RACE

25 *Dark as can be: PITCHBLACK

28 Patronizes, in a way: STAYSAT

30 "Insecure" actress/writer Issa __: RAE

31 Enero, por ejemplo: MES

32 Foil alternative: EPEE

33 Rock's __ Supply: AIR

34 Campus suffix: EDU

35 *Duke led one: SWINGBAND

40 Keeps in the email loop: CCS

43 Comprehend: SEE

44 Litter's littlest: RUNT

47 Chef's dish words: ALA

48 Med. country: ISR

49 Web page banners: HEADERS

52 *Nursery rhyme arachnophobe: MISSMUFFET

55 Barter: SWAP

56 Cause friction: CHAFE

57 Be up against: ABUT

59 Diner slice: PIE

60 Scoville unit food: CHILI

61 Ump's call, often based on a sequence found in the answers to starred clues: STRIKEONE

63 Muscle beach bro: HEMAN

64 Bedazzle: AWE

65 When left turns are rarely allowed: ONRED

66 Off-mic comment: ASIDE

67 Furry foot: PAW

68 Fills up: SATES


1 Hides in fear: COWERS

2 Do some work at Pixar: ANIMATE

3 Protective camera piece: LENSCAP

4 Sore: MAD

5 Whack over the wall: SLUG

6 Keep a Persian company, perhaps: CATSIT

7 Take in, as a Persian: ADOPT

8 Huck Finn, for one: BOY

9 Served blazing: FLAMBE

10 "Bolero" composer: RAVEL

11 In the ballpark? ATAGAME

12 Intimidated: MENACED

13 Interoffice no.: EXT

18 Bear whose bed was too hard: PAPA

22 Maureen of "Rio Grande": OHARA

24 Focuses on, as the catcher for signals: EYES

26 Bed with sliding sides: CRIB

27 Sunflower St. school: KSU

29 Patch, perhaps: SEW

33 Ticket price determinant, at times: AGE

36 A single Time? ISSUE

37 Soft ball: NERF

38 New Deal agcy.: NRA

39 Outfit: DUDS

40 Engine part: CAM

41 Trite expressions: CLICHES

42 Bento box selection: SASHIMI

45 Jazz festival site: NEWPORT

46 One learning the ropes: TRAINEE

48 "Nothing's wrong": IMFINE

49 Bar mitzvah language: HEBREW

50 Notions case: ETUI

51 Races round the bases: SPEEDS

53 Caesar __: SALAD

54 Mufti's proclamation: FATWA

58 17 of Laila Ali's wins, for short: TKOS

60 "__-ching!": CHA

61 Weaken: SAP

62 "Bambi" doe: ENA

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