LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 26 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 26 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 26 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Scholarly titles, briefly: DRS

4 Certain cephalopods: OCTOPI

10 Spaghetti strap top: CAMI

14 "Please tell me that didn't happen!": YOUDIDWHAT

16 Rights activist Clooney: AMAL

17 Banishing acts: EXPULSIONS

18 Choice: WILL

19 Strategically placed whoopee cushion, say: JAPE

20 Waters down: THINS

22 Canine greeting: WAG

23 About half the weight of an average car: ONETON

26 Request for a distraction: COVERME

28 Flower plot: BED

29 Vulgar: LEWD

32 Hightail it: BUGOUT

33 King nicknamed "Longshanks": EDWARDI

35 Pro fighter: ANTI

36 Cyborg detective of TV and film: INSPECTORGADGET

40 Formal denial: NOTI

41 Email attention-getters: ATSIGNS

42 Shim, for example: SPACER

44 Slant: SPIN

45 Saw from behind? WAS

48 Most charged: TENSEST

50 "Take a chill pill": EASEUP

52 Include: ADD

53 Popular tech service: GMAIL

56 Goddess credited in a Milky Way origin account: HERA

57 Stat in standings: LOSS

59 Smallest Central American country: ELSALVADOR

62 Job under the hood: LUBE

63 Ones who see what you mean: LIPREADERS

64 "Come Sail Away" rock band: STYX

65 Applies, as flattery: LAYSON

66 Nanjiani's "The Lovebirds" co-star: RAE


1 Going platinum, maybe: DYEJOB

2 "Hunger" memoirist __ Gay: ROXANE

3 Ate dinner: SUPPED

4 Massage therapist's supply: OIL

5 Vinyl successors: CDS

6 Buffoon: TWIT

7 Cry from one who knows the answer: OHOH

8 Near-the-deadline response, at times: PANIC

9 "Whatevs": ITSNOBIGGIE

10 Farm country avian cry: CAW

11 "You don't doubt me, do you?": AMIWRONG

12 Husky cousin: MALAMUTE

13 Doorbell response: ILLGETIT

15 Song one can't perform? DUET

21 Dept. in a "Law & Order" spin-off: SVU

24 Shoppe name word: OLDE

25 It can be faked with air freshener: NEWCARSMELL

27 "My heavens!": EGADS

30 Power measure: WATT

31 Refuse: DROSS

33 "Paradise Lost" et al.: EPICS

34 __ coffee: DRIP

36 Puts on the hard drive: INSTALLS

37 Left in disgust or fear, slangily: NOPEDOUT

38 Is ready to act: STANDSBY

39 Oscar winner Paquin: ANNA

43 Brain scan inits.: EEG

45 Garden tool: WEEDER

46 Northern sky sight: AURORA

47 Minimalist: SPARSE

49 Shire of "Rocky": TALIA

51 Herring type: SHAD

54 Road game: ISPY

55 Metallica drummer Ulrich: LARS

58 Census checkbox: SEX

60 Cancer follower: LEO

61 Soccer mom's usual ride: VAN

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