LA Times Crossword answers Friday 26 May 2017

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Los Angeles Times 26 May 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 26 May 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Smelling __: SALTS

6 Olympic racers: LUGES

11 Paving goo: TAR

14 Dispatch boat: AVISO

15 Unpleasant chores: SLOGS

16 Missile from Venus? ACE

17 Prioritizes self-interest: LOOKSOUTFOR

19 Sports __: BRA

20 Levy on liquor: SINTAX

21 Printed again: REISSUED

23 Dedicated works: ODES

24 Nicholas and Peter: TSARS

26 Buck: CLAM

27 Matched office accessories: DESKSET

29 Alternative to throwing out: STORAGE

31 Spots: ADS

32 Treat roughly: MAUL

34 Championship team cheer: WERE

35 Words needed to complete four puzzle answers: NUMBERONE

38 "Let's Make a Deal" choice: DOOR

40 Square placed on a square board: TILE

41 Scaled diagram: MAP

44 Stayed in shape: KEPTFIT

47 Eccentric: ODDBALL

49 Not free, with "for": AFEE

50 Bygone "SNL" rival: MADTV

52 "At Last" singer James: ETTA

53 "Timecop" star: VANDAMME

55 Diamond mine? IGOTIT

57 Fanatic: NUT

58 Object of a serious hunt: PUBLICENEMY

60 "Evil Woman" band: ELO

61 __ Gay: ENOLA

62 "It's __!": "We've been tricked": ATRAP

63 Numbered rd.: RTE

64 Aired anew: RERAN

65 Vermouth bottle name: ROSSI


1 Grill-cleaning solution: SALSODA

2 Ducked: AVOIDED

3 Nala, notably: LIONESS

4 "Shame!": TSKTSK

5 McGwire's 1998 rival: SOSA

6 Sch. with a live tiger mascot: LSU

7 UHF component: ULTRA

8 Fetching employees? GOFERS

9 Altruist's opposite: EGOIST

10 Ukr. and Lith., formerly: SSRS

11 Like spreadsheets: TABULAR

12 Plot: ACREAGE

13 Name for a help file: README

18 Ones working together on a farm: OXTEAM

22 Slope of loose stones: SCREE

25 Concert souvenir: STUB

28 Blue character: SMURF

30 Possessed: OWNED

33 Umpire's call: LET

35 Famous: NOTED

36 Laugh-a-minute sort: RIOT

37 It was originally established as the Royal Coburg Theatre: OLDVIC

38 Fallback provision: DEFAULT

39 Showing off a pedi, perhaps: OPENTOE

41 Shouldn't be ignored: MATTERS

42 Nissan models: ALTIMAS

43 Duck-billed mammals: PLATYPI

44 Julie who voices Marge Simpson: KAVNER

45 Not susceptible: IMMUNE

46 Emmy winner Jeffrey of "Transparent": TAMBOR

48 Suspect: BEONTO

51 Street of mystery: DELLA

54 Mimic: APER

56 Reverse, e.g.: GEAR

59 Creator of Q and M: IAN

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