LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 26 May 2021

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Los Angeles Times 26 May 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 26 May 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Yearn: LONG

5 Son of Homer: BART

9 New Zealand bird: KIWI

13 Decorate: ADORN

15 Son of Isaac: ESAU

16 Turkmenistan neighbor: IRAN

17 Homeland of Heraclitus: IONIA

18 The Heritage Foundation, for one: THINKTANK

20 Reveal more than is acceptable, say: CROSSTHELINE

22 Philosopher __-tzu: LAO

23 Miami-to-Kingston dir.: SSE

24 Texting format, for short: SMS

27 __-bitty: ITTY

30 H.S. record: GPA

33 "Can we do this?": ISITOK

35 Crow call: CAW

36 Bicker in public, say: CAUSEASCENE

38 Island greeting: ALOHA

40 Chiefs' org.: NFL

41 Chillingly strange: EERIE

42 Avoid involvement: REFUSETOACT

45 Bottom line: NET

46 Password preceder: USERID

47 Messenger __: RNA

48 Reel holders: RODS

49 Sun. speech: SER

50 Never, to Nietzsche: NIE

52 Biol. or ecol.: SCI

54 Miss a bunt sign, say: BOTCHTHEPLAY

60 Sleeveless undergarments: CAMISOLES

63 The four longest Across answers can cause it, and their last words suggest it: DRAMA

64 Track shape: OVAL

65 Hindu deity: RAMA

66 Peter, vis-ˆ-vis pumpkins: EATER

67 Like some basements: DANK

68 Recipe verb: STIR

69 Await judgment: PEND


1 Not clerical: LAIC

2 Skunk tipoff: ODOR

3 Taboo: NONO

4 Like details that make you go "Eww!": GRISLY

5 One of the March sisters: BETH

6 Arthur of tennis: ASHE

7 Train tracks: RAILS

8 North African country: TUNISIA

9 Toy on a string: KITE

10 George's lyricist: IRA

11 Pale: WAN

12 Printer fluid: INK

14 "Apollo 11" org.: NASA

19 Israeli parliament: KNESSET

21 Frat party garb: TOGA

24 Fondue fuel: STERNO

25 Affluent: MONIED

26 Robot companion of superhero Booster Gold: SKEETS

27 Wax-winged flier of myth: ICARUS

28 "Unto the Sons" memoirist: TALESE

29 BOGO offering: TWOFER

31 Fourth-down play: PUNT

32 Concerning: ASFOR

34 Drink cooler: ICE

36 Foxwoods and Caesars: CASINOS

37 Vigorous spirit: ELAN

39 Ben-__: HUR

43 Masthead names: EDITORS

44 Credit alternative: CASH

48 Breakwater material: RIPRAP

51 Dazzling display: ECLAT

53 Surrender, as land: CEDE

54 Defraud: BILK

55 Prefix with sphere: HEMI

56 Winter Palace resident: TSAR

57 Of __: recently: LATE

58 Congregation cry: AMEN

59 Very tall beer glass: YARD

60 "Sacred" fish carving in the Massachusetts State House: COD

61 "Selma" director DuVernay: AVA

62 Hombre: MAN

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