LA Times Crossword answers Monday 26 November 2018

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Los Angeles Times 26 November 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 26 November 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Identical: SAME

5 "Mountain" soft drinks: DEWS

9 Burn the midnight oil at college: CRAM

13 Urgent request: PLEA

14 Forgo the church ceremony: ELOPE

16 Lo-cal: LITE

17 Concern after heavy rain: FLASHFLOOD

19 Inflated ones often clash: EGOS

20 Kinda: SORTA

21 Airport near Tel Aviv: LOD

22 Isn't feeling up to par: AILS

23 Like G-rated movies: FAMILYFRIENDLY

27 Natural soother: ALOE

28 Salon jobs: SETS

29 Singer Jimmy or actor James: DEAN

32 Litter member or user: CAT

34 Sewn connections: SEAMS

38 Bruins legend: ORR

39 Shore dinner: FISHFRY

42 "Not happenin'": NAH

43 Pace for Paganini: TEMPO

45 Noon on a garden dial: XII

46 Like Godiva: BARE

47 Choir voice: ALTO

50 Tool for a duel: EPEE

52 American Revolution leader: FOUNDINGFATHER

58 Woman's name often spelled without its "e": ANNE

59 Progressive spokeswoman: FLO

60 Airport concern: DELAY

62 Multi-platinum Diamond: NEIL

63 Very loud, musically ... its symbol hints at four puzzle answers: FORTISSIMO

66 Boarding site: GATE

67 Cosmologist Carl: SAGAN

68 Chicago commuter system, familiarly: THEL

69 Snow conveyance: SLED

70 Earns after taxes: NETS

71 Doomed: SUNK


1 Sun protection nos.: SPFS

2 __ a sudden: ALLOF

3 Stiller's partner: MEARA

4 __ Kodak: EASTMAN

5 Bit of OED info: DEF

6 Building add-on: ELL

7 Literary Virginia: WOOLF

8 Clues for a bloodhound: SPOORS

9 Detox diet: CLEANSE

10 Unbending: RIGID

11 Coral island: ATOLL

12 Having lots of loose ends: MESSY

15 Vedder of Pearl Jam: EDDIE

18 Flag down, as a cab: HAIL

24 Focuses of activity: LOCI

25 Passing words? YEAS

26 Website for handmade art: ETSY

29 Morse code unit: DOT

30 Palindromic "before": ERE

31 Drew Brees' asset: ARM

33 Texter's gratitude: THX

35 Gasteyer of "SNL": ANA

36 Draw graffiti on, say: MAR

37 Noted seashell seller: SHE

39 Decide not to call, in poker: FOLD

40 Feudal holding: FIEF

41 Seacrest morning co-host: RIPA

44 Like some den walls: PANELED

46 Directives: BEHESTS

48 Spats: TIFFS

49 Borrowed, as a library book: ONLOAN

51 Predicted takeoff hrs.: ETDS

52 Dracula's canines: FANGS

53 Tatum or Ryan: ONEAL

54 Bring together: UNITE

55 New York's Ausable Chasm, e.g.: GORGE

56 Yale founder Yale: ELIHU

57 Budget noodle dish: RAMEN

61 Egg-white omelet's lack: YOLK

64 Bit of body ink: TAT

65 Shoo-__: easy winners: INS

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