LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 26 November 2019

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Los Angeles Times 26 November 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 26 November 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Cigar residue: ASH

4 "West Side Story" sides: GANGS

9 Cul-__: dead-end street: DESAC

14 Versatile truck, for short: UTE

15 Head off: AVERT

16 Oven emanation: AROMA

17 Transmission specification: GEARRATIO

19 Divided island of Southeast Asia: TIMOR

20 Fielder's mishap: ERROR

21 Irish watering hole: PUB

23 Trucker on a radio: CBER

24 Catch one's breath: REST

25 Stockholm-born three-time Best Actress nominee: GRETAGARBO

28 Barfly: SOT

29 Run out of juice: DIE

30 Weekend show with Aidy Bryant, to fans: SNL

31 "Dig in!": EAT

32 Actress Berry: HALLE

34 Real estate units: ACRES

36 Longtime New Year's Eve bandleader: GUYLOMBARDO

39 Dalmatian marks: SPOTS

41 Skin irritations: SORES

42 PC key near Z: ALT

43 Partners for mas: PAS

46 Terminate: END

47 Suffix with Brooklyn: ESE

50 Video game series with a Warriors of Rock edition: GUITARHERO

53 Dashing style: ELAN

54 Escape key function: UNDO

55 Comfy footwear: MOC

56 Leave the chair: STAND

57 Secret Service role: AGENT

59 Leave the house ... and a literal feature of 17-, 25-, 36- and 50-Across: GOOUTSIDE

62 Rodeo rope: REATA

63 Bring together: UNITE

64 Gp. that isn't gun-shy: NRA

65 Welles on-screen: ORSON

66 Hall of Fame pitcher Ryan: NOLAN

67 Corn serving: EAR


1 Hole-making tools: AUGERS

2 Den music system: STEREO

3 San Simeon castle builder: HEARST

4 Teri of "Young Frankenstein": GARR

5 Gardner of the silver screen: AVA

6 Badminton divider: NET

7 Beef: GRIPE

8 Strong ales: STOUTS

9 Not dis? DAT

10 CNN journalist Hill: ERICA

11 Mariachi's hat: SOMBRERO

12 One-celled swimmers: AMOEBAE

13 Orange veggies: CARROTS

18 Hogwash: ROT

22 Keep out: BAN

25 Fish organ: GILL

26 Move, in realty ads: RELO

27 Shone with a nearly blinding light: GLARED

29 Pampering place: DAYSPA

32 Simple shelter: HUT

33 Ambulance letters: EMS

35 S&L offerings: CDS

36 Looked through a home remodeling magazine, perhaps: GOTIDEAS

37 Transvaal settler: BOER

38 Florence's river: ARNO

39 Arizona cactus: SAGUARO

40 Tool that unclogs using suction: PLUNGER

44 Chair part for elbow resting: ARM

45 Feudal Japanese military ruler: SHOGUN

47 "Seinfeld" regular: ELAINE

48 Former Justice __ Day O'Connor: SANDRA

49 Make beloved: ENDEAR

51 Lone Ranger's pal: TONTO

52 Affordable, in brand names: ECONO

53 Sci-fi beings: ETS

56 British firearm acronym: STEN

58 Color like khaki: TAN

60 Black gold: OIL

61 Hagen of Broadway: UTA

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