LA Times Crossword answers Friday 26 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 26 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 26 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 __ choy: BOK

4 Lines not meant for everyone: ASIDE

9 Classic sci-fi film with a pronoun title: THEM

13 "Bah!" in Bavaria: ACH

14 Jockey, e.g.: RIDER

15 Shack: HOVEL

17 Odds that the pub is open? CHANCEOFALETIME

20 Gorilla who learned sign language: KOKO

21 Like a rogue: SLY

22 An abundance: OODLES

23 "Su-u-ure": IBET

25 Fla. resort: BOCA

26 Well-liked blue-state pol? POPULARDEM

30 "Conan" airer: TBS

33 Org. that launched "My MPG" in 2005: EPA

34 Phoenix origin? ASHES

35 Milk dispensers: TEATS

37 Variety for a truffle hunter? LINDT

39 Even so: YET

40 "Ditto": ASDOI

41 Alexander the Great, to Aristotle: TUTEE

42 Casino group, often: TRIBE

44 Word with bobby or bowling: PIN

45 AOL competitor: MSN

46 Where the Goddess of Pop resides? CHERSBLOCK

48 Annoying email: SPAM

50 Sweet talk: COOS

51 "Heavens to Betsy!": OHDEAR

54 Lead in to la-la: OOH

56 Start of some famous last words: ETTU

59 "I won't hear any excuses!" ... also, a clue to the three other longest Across answers: NOIFSANDSORBUTS

62 Spaceship Earth site: EPCOT

63 "The Tortoise and the Hare" author: AESOP

64 Reuben requirement: RYE

65 Sonic the Hedgehog owner: SEGA

66 Holy hymn: PSALM

67 They loop around the Loop: ELS


1 Here again: BACK

2 Half of diecisŽis: OCHO

3 Some casual wear: KHAKIPANTS

4 Bend: ARC

5 Afternoon rests: SIESTAS

6 Pop star: IDOL

7 Go against: DEFY

8 Jazz __: ERA

9 2000s teen drama set in SoCal: THEOC

10 Much-anticipated appointments: HOTDATES

11 Good fighter? EVIL

12 Viral video, e.g.: MEME

16 "__ MisŽrables": LES

18 Restaurant chain with a signature black cod dish: NOBU

19 Device for Circe: LOOM

24 Overjoy: ELATE

25 Rouse to action: BESTIR

26 Fur piece: PELT

27 Poppy product: OPIUM

28 Blues partner: RHYTHM

29 Big name in lawn care: DEERE

31 Cause of back trouble, maybe: BADPOSTURE

32 Not easily moved: STOIC

35 Fitness system popular since the '90s: TAEBO

36 Roll into the hole, as a putt: SINK

38 Visibility inhibitor: DENSEFOG

43 Harvard has a renowned one, briefly: BSCHOOL

46 Delevingne of "Carnival Row": CARA

47 Leopold's nefarious partner: LOEB

49 Bucatini, for one: PASTA

51 Capital __: ONE

52 Source of bitter flavor in beer: HOPS

53 More than chop: DICE

54 Poems of admiration: ODES

55 Greek peak: OSSA

57 "G2G": TTYL

58 Employs: USES

60 Wet __: NAP

61 Tach readout: RPM

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