LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 26 October 2016

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Los Angeles Times 26 October 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 26 October 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Wander (about): GAD

4 Fragrant bloom: LILAC

9 Utter disorder: CHAOS

14 Second person in Eden: EVE

15 Kitchen sponge brand: OCELO

16 Full of moxie: NERVY

17 Like many a gray day: WET


20 Sales meeting aid: GRAPH

22 Feel crummy: AIL

23 Coal __: TAR

24 Most populous continent: ASIA

25 Date night destination: CINEMA

28 One of a gallon's 16: CUP

30 Like a successful business, presumably: WELLRUN

32 Stand against: OPPOSE

34 Northern California city: EUREKA

37 Birch family tree: ALDER


41 Hardly fresh: STALE

42 Bit of photography equipment: TRIPOD

43 Southern California team: LAKERS

45 Inside information: LOWDOWN

49 Copper source: ORE

50 Hits the road: SPLITS

53 Albany-to-Buffalo canal: ERIE

54 Former Air France jet: SST

56 Geologist's division: EON

57 Tops by a slight margin: EDGES


62 Picnic invader: ANT

63 Ready to hit the hay: TIRED

64 Invalidate: ANNUL

65 Maiden name preceder: NEE

66 Used up: SPENT

67 Pond critters: NEWTS

68 Mexican Mrs.: SRA


1 Gaudy trinket: GEWGAW

2 Opposed: AVERSE

3 Enlargement advantage: DETAIL

4 Scot's swimming spot: LOCH

5 German "I": ICH

6 Welcoming wreath: LEI

7 Highway through the Yukon: ALCAN

8 Newswoman Roberts: COKIE

9 "Erin Burnett OutFront" channel: CNN

10 Pick up with effort: HEFT

11 Geographically based trio: AREACODE

12 Makes trite, in a way: OVERUSES

13 Hoff who wrote the "Henrietta" children's books: SYD

19 Red "Sesame Street" puppet: ELMO

21 Light beer? PALEALE

25 Biceps exercise: CURL

26 Not at all handy: INEPT

27 "Trainwreck" director Judd: APATOW

29 Pay-__-view: PER

31 Kings, e.g.: RULERS

33 Lumbered: PLODDED

35 "MASH" setting: Abbr.: KOR

36 Lopsided: ATILT

38 Sci-fi fleet vessel: STARSHIP

39 Leave no doubt: MAKESURE

40 GI addresses: APOS

41 __-mo: SLO

44 What a freelancer may work on: SPEC

46 Hearts, but not minds: ORGANS

47 Ballpark snack: WIENER

48 Lipton rival: NESTEA

51 Lindsay of "Mean Girls": LOHAN

52 Foolish: INANE

55 Anti-counterfeiting agts.: TMEN

57 Slim swimmers: EELS

58 Euro divs.: CTS

59 West Coast hrs.: PDT

60 Houston-to-Dallas dir.: NNW

61 Belly: GUT

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