LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 26 October 2017

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Los Angeles Times 26 October 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 26 October 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "The Hobbit" figure: DWARF

6 Moneyless deal: SWAP

10 It may involve an exchange of letters: CODE

14 Like a raucous crowd: AROAR

15 Grassy "pet": CHIA

16 Binged (on): ODED


20 Donkey Kong, e.g.: APE

21 Tiny bit: IOTA

22 Gas in an arc lamp: XENON

23 Cultural opening? AGRI

24 Working away: ATIT


33 Dark: UNLIT

34 Holy Week season: LENT

35 Menagerie: ZOO

36 Organa family royal: LEIA

37 Outback youngsters: JOEYS

39 Cover up: MASK

40 Is for many: ARE

41 Trombone's symphonic neighbor: TUBA

42 First two-time Nobelist: CURIE


47 False move: FAKE

48 Try in court: HEAR

49 "Star Wars" genre: SCIFI

52 Contrary girl of rhyme: MARY

53 Relaxation spot: SPA


60 Oblique look: LEER

61 Lowland: VALE

62 Din: NOISE

63 Bigelow products: TEAS

64 Cut without mercy, as a budget: AXED

65 Maker of iComfort mattresses: SERTA


1 Swimmer Torres with 12 Olympic medals: DARA

2 Sub alternative: WRAP

3 As good as it gets: AONE

4 Joplin work: RAG

5 Train load: FREIGHT

6 Nova __: SCOTIA

7 "Just a doggone minute!": WHOA

8 Legal __: AID

9 Legal __: PAD

10 Longs for enviously: COVETS

11 Mr. Wednesday's real identity in "American Gods": ODIN

12 Artistic style of L.A.'s Eastern Columbia Building: DECO

13 Churchill's 1955 successor: EDEN

18 Hand-holding celebratory dance: HORA

19 Be real: EXIST

23 Where Vladivostok is: ASIA

24 __-deucey: ACEY

25 Arithmetic column: TENS

26 Solzhenitsyn subject: GULAG

27 Día de Reyes month: ENERO

28 "That wasn't quite true ... ": ILIED

29 Do housework: CLEAN

30 Netflix drama set in a Missouri mountain resort: OZARK

31 WWII riveter: ROSIE

32 Devices used with oxcarts: YOKES

37 Rubbish: JUNK

38 Flute's symphonic neighbor: OBOE

39 Sierra Club founder: MUIR

41 With "the," East and West, in a Kipling ballad: TWAIN

42 Colorful set: CRAYONS

44 They're music to job-seekers' ears: OFFERS

45 Molded: SHAPED

46 Maryland athlete, familiarly: TERP

49 Cellar contents: SALT

50 First Nations tribe: CREE

51 Thought: IDEA

52 Backless shoe: MULE

53 Start to wake up: STIR

54 Sitter's challenge: PEST

55 Geometry figure: AREA

57 Power agcy. since 1933: TVA

58 Jazz band staple: SAX

59 Landmark '70s case anonym: ROE

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