LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 26 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 26 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 26 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Conservatives' foes, briefly: LIBS

5 Word with run or drive: TEST

9 More than nudge: SHOVE

14 Inactive: IDLE

15 Muppet who doesn't use the pronoun "I": ELMO

16 One faking it: POSER

17 Frame of mind: MOOD

18 Landed: ALIT

19 Student's measuring stick: RULER

20 *Island known for its bars? ALCATRAZ

22 Windshield shades: VISORS

23 Homer's neighbor: NED

24 Thrill: ELATE

26 Part of a play: ACT

29 __ de plume: NOM

31 Polar masses: ICECAPS

35 *Tom Sawyer's creator: MARKTWAIN

38 In a wistful way: SADLY

39 Soft French cheese: BRIE

40 Dunks, Blazers and Jordans: NIKES

42 Corned beef specification: LEAN

43 Happening: EVENT

45 *Highest peak in the Alps: MONTBLANC

47 Bureaucratic sticking points: REDTAPE

49 Sign of a sellout: SRO

50 __ Vegas: LAS

51 Slides uncontrollably: SKIDS

53 Not online, for short: IRL

55 Best of the hits: TOPTEN

58 What the answers to starred clues are, in different ways: PENNAMES

63 Opera solos: ARIAS

64 Steep rugged cliff: CRAG

65 Indianapolis NFLer: COLT

66 Linguistic group that includes Zulu: BANTU

67 Bee home: HIVE

68 Green smoothie green, perhaps: KALE

69 Somnology study: SLEEP

70 Mellowed in a cask: AGED

71 Winter fall: SNOW


1 Peruvian capital: LIMA

2 Adored singer, say: IDOL

3 Voting unit: BLOC

4 Family car: SEDAN

5 Remove, as the wall in Reagan's demand to Gorbachev: TEARDOWN

6 Jazzy Fitzgerald: ELLA

7 Tyra Banks portmanteau for happy peepers: SMIZE

8 Little one: TOT

9 Little ones: SPRITES

10 Obsolescent doctor visit: HOUSECALL

11 Viking trading post now a world capital: OSLO

12 Zig or zag: VEER

13 Boots the ball: ERRS

21 Camper's quarters: TENT

22 Little sucker? VAC

25 Bedding: LINENS

26 "Waves of grain" color: AMBER

27 Slice the turkey: CARVE

28 True partner: TRIED

30 Badly injured: MAIMED

32 "It's __!": "Sold!": ADEAL

33 Opening strategy: PLANA

34 Lip-__: mouths the words: SYNCS

36 Campus setting for Neil Young's "Ohio": KENTSTATE

37 When repeated, classic New Orleans refrain: IKO

41 Like guitars and sitars: STRINGED

44 Starts to learn, as a hobby: TAKESUP

46 Delivered: BORN

48 ATM user's need: PIN

52 Parsley piece: SPRIG

54 Doesn't have: LACKS

55 Bar bills: TABS

56 Spoken: ORAL

57 Tree with cones: PINE

59 House overhang: EAVE

60 Gripe: MOAN

61 Cockney greeting: ELLO

62 Ragout or goulash: STEW

64 Half a Latin dance: CHA

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