LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 26 September 2017

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Los Angeles Times 26 September 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 26 September 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Sales pitch: SPIEL

6 Outback birds: EMUS

10 Sunup: DAWN

14 Café lure: AROMA

15 Clickable webpage word: LINK

16 Home to billions: ASIA

17 Grass shortener: MOWER

18 Apart from that: ELSE

19 Slightly wet: DAMP

20 Julie Andrews' "The Sound of Music" role: MARIAVONTRAPP

23 Risk, e.g.: GAME

24 Healthful berry: ACAI

25 Jimmy Fallon hosts it: THETONIGHTSHOW

31 "Homeland" spy org.: CIA

32 Taxi: CAB

33 Nebraska city: OMAHA

34 "Apocalypse Now" setting, familiarly: NAM

35 Gathering for fans of graphic novels, anime, etc.: COMICON

38 Delivery vehicle: VAN

39 Painting need: BRUSH

41 Microwave: ZAP

42 Valuable rock: ORE

43 Avengers member with a patriotic shield: CAPTAINAMERICA

48 Tolstoy's Karenina: ANNA

49 Dutch cheese: EDAM

50 9/26/1957 Broadway debut featuring the consecutive songs found at the start of 20-Across, the middle of 25-Across and the end of 43-Across: WESTSIDESTORY

55 With 50-Down, tightrope walker's place: HIGH

56 Oscar winner Kazan: ELIA

57 Aquafina rival: EVIAN

59 Craving: URGE

60 Accelerates, with "up": REVS

61 Foolish: DIPPY

62 Military meal: MESS

63 Cafeteria carrier: TRAY

64 V-formation fliers: GEESE


1 "Casablanca" pianist: SAM

2 Formal school dance: PROM

3 Corn Belt state: IOWA

4 Rise into view: EMERGE

5 Cattleman's rope: LARIAT

6 Late morning hr.: ELEVENAM

7 Venus de __: MILO

8 Disentangle: UNSNAG

9 Quick drawing: SKETCH

10 Arp's art movement: DADAISM

11 Right away, in a memo: ASAP

12 Namby-pamby person: WIMP

13 Midday snooze: NAP

21 Gas brand that had a torch in its logo: AMOCO

22 Florida's Boca __: RATON

25 Pageant winner's crown: TIARA

26 Exaggerate, as a stage role: HAMUP

27 Spanish island in the Mediterranean: IBIZA

28 Devastation that's wreaked: HAVOC

29 Scarlett of Tara: OHARA

30 Decrease in intensity: WANE

31 "Closing Bell" channel: CNBC

35 Repetitive shout at a protest: CHANT

36 Required little effort: CAMEEASY

37 Newspaper opinion pieces: OPEDS

40 Secret supplies: STASHES

44 Add to text, as a missing letter: INSERT

45 Carpenter, at times: NAILER

46 Suitable for all ages, filmwise: RATEDG

47 Apple software for creating videos: IMOVIE

50 See 55-Across: WIRE

51 Omelet ingredients: EGGS

52 Prima donna: DIVA

53 Ready for picking: RIPE

54 Toy dog's barks: YAPS

55 Play a kazoo: HUM

58 TV's "Science Guy": NYE

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