LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 26 September 2019

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Los Angeles Times 26 September 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 26 September 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Indian food option: MILD

5 "4x2=8" rapper from Korea: PSY

8 Blood component: PLASMA

14 Et __: and others: ALII

15 Troy, N.Y., school: RPI

16 Trojan War hero: AENEAS

17 Delivery method: CSECTION

19 Duke's Mike Krzyzewski, familiarly: COACHK

20 Fall: AUTUMN

21 Boats and gravy boats: VESSELS

22 Stockpiled: AMASSED

24 Tigers, on scoreboards: DET

25 "Miracle on Ice" winners: Abbr.: USA

28 Pours carelessly: SLOPS

29 Start of el a–o: ENERO

31 Quick bite: NOSH

33 Chef's collection: FRYPANS

35 Siri device: IPHONE

37 Pointed facial features: VANDYKES

41 Morris Buttermaker's "bad news" team: THEBEARS

43 Big name in smooth jazz: KENNYG

44 Spray can output: AEROSOL

46 Like some U.S. mail: CERT

47 African antelope: ELAND

50 Binge: SPREE

52 Montgomery of jazz: WES

53 Part of UCLA: LOS


56 Easy marks: PATSIES

59 __ del Fuego: TIERRA

62 Angular abode: AFRAME

63 Complex containing thiamine and niacin: VITAMINB

65 Close tightly: SEALUP

66 Half of eleven? ONE

67 Spots at the prom? ACNE

68 Discount phrase: ORLESS

69 Farm sci.: AGR

70 Mower holder: SHED


1 Brit's raincoat: MAC

2 Rick's love in "Casablanca": ILSA

3 In __ of: LIEU

4 Decrees: DICTA

5 1996 Richard Gere/Edward Norton thriller: PRIMALFEAR

6 Spot buyer: SPONSOR

7 Half a cosmic whole: YIN

8 Walked nervously: PACED

9 Some summer babies: LEOS

10 Santa __: dry winds: ANAS

11 Withdraw formally: SECEDE

12 "Resurrection Symphony" composer: MAHLER

13 Invites for: ASKSTO

18 Antacid brand: TUMS

21 Italian scooter: VESPA

23 Long-running Mad feature suggested by this puzzle's circled letters: SPYVSSPY

25 Yard, say: UNIT

26 Junior-to-be: SOPH

27 Tennis immortal: ASHE

29 "The Neverending Story" author: ENDE

30 Acronymically named boy band: NSYNC

32 White House architect James: HOBAN

34 Rug rat: ANKLEBITER

36 More than want: NEED

38 Had down cold: KNEW

39 Thornfield Hall governess: EYRE

40 Capt.'s subordinates: SGTS

42 Bouquet for a se–orita: ROSAS

45 On the soapbox: ORATING

47 West Texas city: ELPASO

48 Preppy shoe: LOAFER

49 Celestial: ASTRAL

51 Zeno's home: ELEA

54 Coterie members, in slang: PEEPS

55 "Aunt __ Cope Book": ERMAS

57 Black Friday event: SALE

58 Controversial radio host: IMUS

60 Like chocolate cheesecake: RICH

61 Actress Hathaway: ANNE

63 Intl. news broadcaster: VOA

64 Rest area? BED

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