LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 26 September 2020

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Los Angeles Times 26 September 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 26 September 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 It's often served in a narrow dish: OLEO

5 1996 romcom titled after a 1963 hit song: ONEFINEDAY

15 Spots: LOCI

16 Briefly: FORAMINUTE

17 River near Rugby: AVON

18 Elemental measurement: ATOMICMASS

19 Gossips: YENTAS

21 House VIP: SEN

22 Thought from Descartes: IDEE

23 Hand-played drum: TOMTOM

25 Steps in for: ACTSAS

27 Post-9/11 musical about the diversion of flights to Newfoundland: COMEFROMAWAY

30 Comparable (to): AKIN

31 Joe, commercially: TRADER

32 Partner of to: FRO

35 Linguine sauce: PESTO

37 Old California fort: ORD

38 Small shoot: SPRIG

40 Fantasy creature from the Old English for "giant": ENT

41 Turn out to be: WINDUP

44 Single: LONE

45 "Blue Sky" Best Actress Oscar winner: JESSICALANGE

47 He debuted at La Scala 12/26/1900: CARUSO

50 Puts up: ERECTS

51 With 52-Across, type of barbecue: OPEN

52 See 51-Across: PIT

55 Crackerjacks: ADEPTS

57 Keeping tabs on: MONITORING

60 Store: MART

61 Witness to PadmŽ and Anakin's wedding: ARTOODETOO

62 Fever with chills: AGUE

63 Intimidates: STARESDOWN

64 Swarm: TEEM


1 Skin care brand: OLAY

2 Romantic keepsake: LOVETOKEN

3 Janet Yellen, e.g.: ECONOMIST

4 Soothing compound: OINTMENT

5 In certain respects: OFASORT

6 With 59-Down, later: NOT

7 Piccadilly Circus statue: EROS

8 1980 teen musical: FAME

9 "That. Is. Amazing.": IMINAWE

10 Peabody Award-winning Robertson: NIC

11 Mutual ill will: ENMITY

12 Couples: DUADS

13 Discombobulated: ATSEA

14 Those in favor: YESES

20 Org. involved in the Waco Siege: ATF

24 Turkeys: MORONS

26 Lot fillers: CARS

27 __ Spear, easternmost point in Canada: CAPE

28 Mercredi preceder: MARDI

29 Cite as proof: ADDUCE

32 Place for big news: FRONTPAGE

33 Sounds about right: RINGSTRUE

34 Arch with a point: OGEE

36 Needs to remit: OWES

39 Menu venue, perhaps: PLACEMAT

42 Woodlice, e.g.: ISOPODS

43 Best thing since sliced bread, so to speak: PARAGON

45 Lower in rank: JUNIOR

46 Wasn't behind anyone: LED

47 Medical events in a 1977 thriller: COMAS

48 Captain's direction: APORT

49 Last name in fashion? RENTA

53 Hardly happy: IRED

54 One of the Jacksons: TITO

56 Shoot: STEM

58 Big __: TOE

59 See 6- Down: NOW

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