LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 27 April 2019

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Los Angeles Times 27 April 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 27 April 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Venue for seven Verdi premieres: LASCALA

8 Savannah grazer: ORIBI

13 Mesmerize: ENTHRALL

15 Sudoku skill: LOGIC

16 1982 bestseller using Milne characters, with "The": TAOOFPOOH

18 Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum town: STOWE

19 Leaning: BIAS

20 Unchecked: DESELECTED

22 Will of "Blue Bloods": ESTES

24 Tide may wash it away: STAIN

25 When one might eat b‡nh chung: TET

26 See 2-Down: NIN

28 Act addition? IVE

29 Fashion: MAKE

30 1987 film loosely based on "Cyrano de Bergerac": ROXANNE

32 Gugino of "Wayward Pines": CARLA

33 "C'mon, man!": DONTBETHATGUY

35 Daughter of Billy Ray: MILEY

36 Respond to a pledge drive: PHONEIN

37 Star qualities: EGOS

38 Portuguese saint: SAO

39 Sea follower? TAC

40 Small amount: TAD

41 Get ready to compete, bodybuilder-style: OILUP

43 Low-pay position: MCJOB


50 Merrie Monarch Festival celebration: HULA

51 Cunning canines: FOXES

52 "Glass" director: SHYAMALAN

54 Soccer Hall of Famer __ Lalas: ALEXI

55 Teaching a lesson, perhaps: TUTORING

56 Emulates a matryoshka doll, save one: NESTS

57 Rx's from vets: PETMEDS


1 Do not disturb: LETBE

2 With 26-Across, "Delta of Venus" author: ANAIS

3 Short-tailed weasel: STOAT

4 Slayers, in the Buffyverse: CHOSENONES

5 Husky's hello: ARF

6 "Training Day" law org.: LAPD

7 Soothing succulents: ALOES

8 Fictional photojournalist: OLSEN

9 Drilling org.: ROTC

10 "Later": IGOTTARUN

11 100 times a year, roughly: BIWEEKLY

12 Sipped cooler: ICEDTEA

14 Daydreaming: LOSTINTHOUGHT

17 No-nonsense dismissal: HEAVEHO

21 Factor in golf club selection: LIE

23 It's often done on highways: SIXTY

27 Pull in: NAB


30 Obsolete organizers: ROLODEXES

31 Highly populated people? NEPALIS

32 Third-stringers: CTEAM

33 Excavate, with "in": DIGAHOLE

34 Hill worker: ANT

35 Often not a Yankee supporter: METSFAN

38 Sunday subject: SIN

41 Spot for a drink: OASIS

42 Satisfy a debt: PAYUP

44 Andrews with an Oscar, two Emmys and three Grammys: JULIE

45 Warner __, '20s-'30s portrayer of Dr. Fu Manchu: OLAND

46 Forehead covering: BANGS

48 "I'm done with this one": NEXT

49 Silver of FiveThirtyEight: NATE

53 Bon __: MOT

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