LA Times Crossword answers Monday 27 April 2020

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Los Angeles Times 27 April 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 27 April 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Pull a pre-exam all-nighter: CRAM

5 High-five sound: SLAP

9 Hamster homes: CAGES

14 Word in a bailiff's order: RISE

15 Comics possum: POGO

16 Seashore recess: INLET

17 Mail-routing abbr.: ATTN

18 How some close NFL games are won: INOT

19 Black, in Bordeaux: NOIRE

20 Strategy with delaying tactics: WAITINGGAME

23 There's no winner in one: TIE

24 Defense org.? ABA

25 Enticed: TEMPTED

27 Rental industry with units for extra belongings: PUBLICSTORAGE

32 Grabbed a bite: ATE

33 Loafer or moc: SHOE

34 Outlying communities: EXURBS

37 Brown shades: TANS

39 Push in some chips: BET

41 Fab Four first name: PAUL

42 "Jeepers!": SHEESH

45 Agrees quietly: NODS

48 Capote nickname: TRU

49 Household gathering to discuss something: FAMILYMEETING

52 Pancake flipper: SPATULA

54 Not within walking distance: FAR

55 Ab neighbor: PEC

56 Hotel accommodations for couples, and a hint to both parts of 20-, 27- and 49-Across: DOUBLEROOMS

62 Dog collar dangler: IDTAG

64 When many start lunch: NOON

65 Slender wind: OBOE

66 Eat away at: ERODE

67 Lump of dirt: CLOD

68 Bread with hummus: PITA

69 Sensitive skin spots: SORES

70 Cooped cluckers: HENS

71 Place to hold a snifter: STEM


1 Stick in one's __: CRAW

2 "Lovely" musical meter maid: RITA

3 Piedmont wine center: ASTI

4 __ telepathy: MENTAL

5 Veggie favored by Popeye: SPINACH

6 Like epic novels: LONG

7 Super-excited: AGOG

8 Idaho product: POTATO

9 HBO-owned broadcaster: CINEMAX

10 "It's __-brainer!": ANO

11 Beautiful people, as a group: GLITTERATI

12 Like a fog-enshrouded cemetery: EERIE

13 Jouster's mount: STEED

21 Sacred Nile bird: IBIS

22 Nothing more than: MERE

26 Scrolling PC key: PGUP

27 Frisks, with "down": PATS

28 Salt Lake City's state: UTAH

29 Philanthropist: BENEFACTOR

30 Get all blubbery: SOB

31 So, so small: TEENY

35 Severely overcook: BURN

36 Fake coin: SLUG

38 Couch or bench: SEAT

40 Quarterback Brady: TOM

43 Erasure marks: SMUDGES

44 Big Island port: HILO

46 Comes to the aid of: DEFENDS

47 Scorch: SEAR

50 Cape Canaveral event: LAUNCH

51 Bunches of Brownies: TROOPS

52 Seekers of intel: SPIES

53 Martinez with three Cy Youngs: PEDRO

57 Tree trunk: BOLE

58 Minnesota's state bird: LOON

59 Last bio: OBIT

60 Bit of dust in a sunbeam: MOTE

61 Tailor's line: SEAM

63 Drink suffix: ADE

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