LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 27 April 2022

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Los Angeles Times 27 April 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 27 April 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Wished, as a farewell: BADE

5 Gently waters using a spray bottle: MISTS

10 Leave flabbergasted: DAZE

14 "The Hurt Locker" setting: IRAQ

15 Natty neckwear: ASCOT

16 "Night Sky With __ Wounds": poetry collection by Ocean Vuong: EXIT

17 Triple Crown of Surfing locale: OAHU

18 Major mess: SNAFU

19 Pond plant: ALGA

20 Extremely expensive fungi: BLACKTRUFFLES

23 __ Cruces, New Mexico: LAS

24 Quaint "Tsk!": FIE

25 Dice game: CRAPS

28 PX patrons: GIS

31 Iowa senator Joni: ERNST

35 Injury-prone area for pitchers: ROTATORCUFF

38 Raw bar need: ICE

39 Without purpose: IDLY

40 Advisory group: BOARD

41 Vineyard measure: ACRE

42 "Give __ break!": MEA

43 Novelist known for legal thrillers: JOHNGRISHAM

45 Old West crew: POSSE

47 Mobile network std.: LTE

48 Fitbit units: STEPS

49 Fannie __: mortgage company nickname: MAE

51 "Mr. Blue Sky" gp.: ELO

52 Request from a trial attorney, and a hint to this puzzle's circles: CHANGEOFVENUE

59 Swerve: VEER

60 Bright light: GLARE

61 Calligrapher's supplies: INKS

63 Polish prose: EDIT

64 Slow-cooker brand: OSTER

65 Slow-cooker dish: STEW

66 The MTV Generation: XERS

67 Fits (inside): NESTS

68 Vacuum attachment: HOSE


1 Playbill paragraph: BIO

2 Many a Qatar native: ARAB

3 Arlene of the silver screen: DAHL

4 Workplace compensation concern: EQUALPAY

5 Snorkeling needs: MASKS

6 "__ it ironic?": ISNT

7 Emotional trauma consequence: SCAR

8 Vegan protein: TOFU

9 Fill up, as a pillow: STUFF

10 Casino employee: DEALER

11 Bar in a limo: AXLE

12 Sharp turns: ZIGS

13 Itinerary info: ETA

21 Theatrical ensemble: CAST

22 Feudal domain: FIEF

25 Pinch together: CRIMP

26 "This ain't my first __": RODEO

27 Country album? ATLAS

28 Dave of the Foo Fighters: GROHL

29 "Sorry, no": ICANT

30 Sudden power increase: SURGE

32 Like specialty markets: NICHE

33 Remnant: SCRAP

34 Abounds (with): TEEMS

36 "Price negotiable," in ads: OBO

37 New Deal pres.: FDR

41 Really wow: ASTONISH

43 "Bridgerton" actor Regé-__ Page: JEAN

44 17-Across, e.g.: ISLE

46 Hurts a lot: SMARTS

50 Goad: EGGON

51 Civil rights leader Medgar: EVERS

52 Give up: CEDE

53 Next in line: HEIR

54 Otherwise: ELSE

55 Granola grains: OATS

56 Fingerboard ridge: FRET

57 Golden Rule word: UNTO

58 Squeezes (out): EKES

59 Annoy: VEX

62 Nor. neighbor: SWE

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