LA Times Crossword answers Monday 27 August 2018

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Los Angeles Times 27 August 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 27 August 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Apple remnant: CORE

5 Picket line crosser: SCAB

9 Proverbial waste maker: HASTE

14 Like die-hard fans: AVID

15 Furry red Muppet: ELMO

16 Snake River state: IDAHO

17 Sam Houston served twice as its president: REPUBLICOFTEXAS

20 Rapper Dr. __: DRE

21 Shade tree subject to blight: ELM

22 Lubricated: OILED

23 Black __ : covert missions: OPS

25 Cost for an online pop-up: ADRATE

28 General guideline: RULEOFTHUMB

31 Safari automaker: GMC

34 Wraps up: ENDS

35 Fish trapped in pots: EELS

36 "Word is ... ": IHEAR

38 Geronimo's tribe: APACHE

40 Board meeting outline: AGENDA

41 Motherless calf: DOGIE

42 Tear canal: DUCT

45 Actresses Long and Vardalos: NIAS

46 Jeanne d'Arc, e.g.: Abbr.: STE

47 Credible quality: RINGOFTRUTH

50 Intermittent, as fog: PATCHY

51 "To each __ own": HIS

52 Bill Belichick, e.g.: COACH

54 Boathouse item: OAR

56 One __ million: INA

59 Hint that a storm is approaching: RUMBLEOFTHUNDER

63 Quite heavy: OBESE

64 Cookie in dirt pudding: OREO

65 Extremely tired: BEAT

66 Desires: WANTS

67 Florist's arrangement: POSY

68 Indy 500 racers: CARS


1 Birthday __: CARD

2 Finished: OVER

3 One's golden years: RIPEOLDAGE

4 Academic URL ender: EDU

5 Pitch successfully: SELL

6 Long-term weather conditions: CLIMATE

7 "The Walking Dead" channel: AMC

8 Unhappy fan's shout: BOO

9 Win the jackpot: HITITBIG

10 One-named "Skyfall" singer: ADELE

11 __-Coburg, Bavaria: SAXE

12 Former Mississippi senator Cochran: THAD

13 Dawn goddess: EOS

18 Kiss, in CancĂșn: BESO

19 Shaving lather: FOAM

24 Joe of "My Cousin Vinny": PESCI

26 FedEx rival: DHL

27 Country with 11 time zones: Abbr.: RUS

28 Curls up with a Kindle: READS

29 Take out of its container, as a houseplant: UNPOT

30 Service charge: FEE

31 "That's super-creative thinking!": GENIUSIDEA

32 Angry with: MADAT

33 Wall Street disaster: CRASH

37 Painter Matisse: HENRI

39 Performer of the 12 labors, to the Greeks: HERACLES

40 Justice dept. division: ATF

42 Party gp. chaired by Tom Perez: DNC

43 "That's gross!": UGH

44 Prairie canines: COYOTES

48 "Am __ only one?": ITHE

49 Drive-__ window: THRU

50 Blue Ribbon beer: PABST

52 1962 Missile Crisis country: CUBA

53 Dark clouds, to some: OMEN

55 Sailor's hail: AHOY

57 Close by: NEAR

58 Creative pursuits: ARTS

59 Movie theater division: ROW

60 Comics' Alley __: OOP

61 To's partner: FRO

62 Peacock logo network: NBC

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