LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 27 August 2019

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Los Angeles Times 27 August 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 27 August 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Makes a hasty getaway: LAMS

5 Insect stage after larva: PUPA

9 Bathroom wall piece: TILE

13 Not many: AFEW

14 Umpires' decisions: CALLS

16 Cabinet dept. with a windmill on its seal: ENER

17 Toy on a track: MODELTRAIN

19 Volcanic output: LAVA

20 WWI French soldier: POILU

21 Almanacs, calendars, etc.: YEARLIES

23 Drag one's feet: STALL

24 Native growth in an Asian orchard: MANGOTREE

25 Philosopher __-tzu: LAO

27 Mme., in Madrid: SRA

28 Money for the poor: ALMS

32 Ancient colonnade: STOA

35 Bumper sticker word: ELECT

39 Grilling accessory: MEATTHERMOMETER

42 Award for "Green Book": OSCAR

43 Spanish appetizer: TAPA

44 Ward of "Once and Again": SELA

45 Korean soldier: ROK

47 Springsteen's "Born in the __": USA

49 Result of too-tight jeans, perhaps: MUFFINTOP

54 TV monitoring device: VCHIP

59 Directed: OVERSEEN

60 Maine college town: ORONO

61 "Star Trek" helmsman: SULU

62 Blather, and a phonetic hint to the four other longest answers: EMPTYWORDS

65 "The Time Machine" race: ELOI

66 Gave an address: SPOKE

67 Foul mood: SNIT

68 Director Gus Van __: SANT

69 Laundry blemish: SPOT

70 Red and Coral, but not pink: SEAS


1 Reading lights: LAMPS

2 Underway, to Sherlock: AFOOT

3 TV, radio, newspapers, etc.: MEDIA

4 "Great!": SWELL

5 Interest rate fig.: PCT

6 Short-lived Egypt-Syr. alliance: UAR

7 __ del Rey: L.A. beach community: PLAYA

8 Roswell crash victim, supposedly: ALIEN

9 Stretch the truth: TELLTALES

10 "... bombs bursting __": INAIR

11 Protective river embankment: LEVEE

12 Clear from the blackboard: ERASE

15 Hitches: SNAGS

18 Temporary calm: LULL

22 Composer Ned: ROREM

24 Sacred choral piece: MOTET

26 Volcanic output: ASH

28 Latin "I love": AMO

29 French article: LES

30 Rock's Fleetwood __: MAC

31 Tropical food that has a five-point shape when sliced: STARFRUIT

33 U.K. singer Rita __: ORA

34 Intensify: AMPUP

36 Hot time on the Riviera: ETE

37 Cartoon frame: CEL

38 La-la lead-in: TRA

40 Square root of neuf: TROIS

41 Western treaty gp.: OAS

46 "Trick" joints: KNEES

48 Declare openly: AVOW

49 Exodus leader: MOSES

50 Throat dangler: UVULA

51 Serious criminal: FELON

52 Subs at the office: TEMPS

53 "Hop __": Dr. Seuss book: ONPOP

55 In a foul mood: CROSS

56 "Stormy Weather" singer Lena: HORNE

57 Mumbai's land: INDIA

58 Twitter updates: POSTS

63 Ring ref's decision: TKO

64 To this point: YET

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