LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 27 August 2020

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Los Angeles Times 27 August 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 27 August 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Amanpour & Co." network: PBS

4 Enough and then some: AMPLE

9 Strand during a hail storm, say: ICEIN

14 GPS finding: LAT

15 Take it easy: RELAX

16 "__ Rae": NORMA

17 Put to work: USE

18 Small earthen pot: CRUSE

19 Huge success: SMASH

20 Sandwich in Denver? MILEHIGHCLUB

23 Astronomical octet: PLANETS

24 River Foyle's province: ULSTER

28 Form 1099 agcy.: IRS

29 Japanese sandal: ZORI

31 Hullabaloo: ADO

32 Puts up, as drapes: HANGS

35 Sandwich on the briny? MARINESUB

37 Scott of "Big Little Lies": ADAM

38 Examined in court: TRIED

39 Metric prefix: DECI

40 Sandwich in the neighborhood? LOCALHERO

42 Like a soufflŽ, if everything goes well: RISEN

43 Busy mo. for the 28-Across: APR

44 Senate staffer: AIDE

45 Some MIT grads: EES

46 Wright who quipped, "Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time": STEVEN

48 Elaborate wardrobe: ARMOIRE

52 Sandwich at a church concert? ORGANGRINDER

55 Left: SPLIT

58 Bugs with weapons: MORAN

59 Oral health org.: ADA

60 Musical work: PIECE

61 Revise: EMEND

62 Casual greetings: HIS

63 Gets the kitty going: ANTES

64 They may be pressing: NEEDS

65 Neruda verse: ODE


1 Zaftig: PLUMP

2 Pho garnish: BASIL

3 Inscribed pillar: STELA

4 Quiver carriers: ARCHERS

5 Rates: MERITS

6 Promotes: PLUGS

7 Mascara target: LASH

8 Corp. bigwig: EXEC

9 Pancreatic hormone: INSULIN

10 "The Gift of the Magi" gift: COMBS

11 Stat for Clayton Kershaw: ERA

12 Online chats, briefly: IMS

13 "Hard pass": NAH

21 "The Imitation Game" encryption machine: ENIGMA

22 Shockingly vivid: LURID

25 Zaps: TASES

26 Elicit: EDUCE

27 Sign of spring: ROBIN

29 Former name of the Congo: ZAIRE

30 Cookie with a Tiramisu Flavor Creme variety: OREO

32 "Papa Bear" of football: HALAS

33 Take on: ADOPT

34 Mother-of-pearl: NACRE

35 TV's talking horse: MRED

36 Acquirer of more than 1,000 patents: EDISON

38 Doohickey: THING

41 Ophelia's brother: LAERTES

42 Does some jogging? REMINDS

45 Task for a gofer: ERRAND

47 Word with mail or box: VOICE

48 Say yes: AGREE

49 You can cross it in about an hour on I-90: IDAHO

50 Fixed up: REDID

51 Remove all traces of: ERASE

53 Grace period? AMEN

54 Alaskan seaport: NOME

55 Place for a peel: SPA

56 Map insert: PIN

57 Service to redo: LET

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