LA Times Crossword answers Friday 27 December 2019

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Los Angeles Times 27 December 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 27 December 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Stop lying: RISE

5 Suburban expanse: LAWN

9 Comes impressively into view: LOOMS

14 One may be pitched to a publisher: IDEA

15 Canal that helps connect the Great Lakes to the Atlantic: ERIE

16 Capital SSW of Damascus: AMMAN

17 A vat, some cloth, etc.? DYERNEEDS

19 Surprise in a bottle: GENIE

20 Shade tree: ELM

21 Jazz saxophonist __ Cobb: ARNETT

23 Angle or angler's necessity: LINE

24 One in a Mesoamerican cleanup crew? MAYANSWEEPER

26 Not from around here: ALIEN

29 Any of four palindromic emperors: OTTO

30 Gels: SETS

31 Moody: INAPET

35 Object of podiatric study: TOE

38 Apothecary's concern? PHIALMANAGEMENT

41 Serious misdeed: SIN

42 Not on the fence: OPTING

43 TÅ“pac Amaru, e.g.: INCA

44 Beige look-alike: ECRU

46 Big celebrations: FETES

47 Large cat romantically interested in opposite-sex large cats? STRAIGHTLION

53 Oxen group: TEAM

54 Ex __: out of nothing, in Latin: NIHILO

55 Saddlebag carrier: ASS

58 Make over: RENEW

60 Surprisingly genteel outbreak of lawlessness? CIVILRIOT

62 Being dragged behind: INTOW

63 Largest human joint: KNEE

64 Not doing anything: IDLE

65 No longer hip: PASSE

66 Fax button: SEND

67 Like some pockets: DEEP


1 Lift: RIDE

2 Pastoral verse: IDYL

3 Appear: SEEM

4 Facial projection: EAR

5 Not sure (of): LEERY

6 Sports venue: ARENA

7 Increase in girth: WIDEN

8 Fits one within another: NESTS

9 Hang back: LAG

10 See 22-Down: OMELET

11 Capable of anything: OMNIPOTENT

12 Nearly half of New England: MAINE

13 Express contempt: SNEER

18 Indian bread: NAAN

22 With 10-Down, breakfast choice: TWOEGG

24 Tableland: MESA

25 Suffix with cigar: ETTE

26 Egyptian serpents: ASPS

27 City near Provo: LEHI

28 Nomadic sorts: ITINERANTS

31 Call into question: IMPUGN

32 Member of the 2019 World Series champs: NAT

33 Request from a Midwestern cheerleader, maybe: ANI

34 God with a flute: PAN

36 Barely at all: ONCE

37 LAX postings: ETAS

39 Actress Petty: LORI

40 Comportment: MIEN

45 Hitchcock was known for them: CAMEOS

46 Deluded one: FOOL

47 Denude: STRIP

48 Singer __ Marie: TEENA

49 2006 "American Idol" winner Taylor __: HICKS

50 Yours, once: THINE

51 Animate: LIVEN

52 Sheepish admission: ILIED

55 Assistant: AIDE

56 Cobbler's concern: SOLE

57 Dance part: STEP

59 "SmackDown" org.: WWE

61 Unburden: RID

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