LA Times Crossword answers Monday 27 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 27 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 27 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Maine's __ Bay: CASCO

6 Miner's find: ORE

9 Rotisserie rod: SPIT

13 __ the time: on every occasion: ALLOF

14 Jinx: HEX

15 Saturn's largest moon: TITAN

17 Become light-headed: FEELFAINT

19 Cream of the crop: ELITE

20 Former Montreal MLBer: EXPO

21 Mauna __: Hawaiian for "long mountain": LOA

22 "Rolling" rockers: STONES

23 H.S. hurdles: SATS

24 Reason for a track race do-over: FALSESTART

26 Wing measurement: SPAN

28 "Famous" cookie maker: AMOS

29 Like the crowd after a home team homer: AROAR

32 Similar (to): AKIN

33 Batter's stat: RBI

36 Choose love over money, say: FOLLOWONESHEART

40 Driver's aid: TEE

41 Pea places: PODS

42 Ward off: AVERT

43 One who saves the day: HERO

44 __ Spumante wine: ASTI

46 Finished version, as of a document: FINALDRAFT

50 Some canine retrievers: LABS

54 In equal amounts: EVENLY

55 Nest egg initials: IRA

56 Stick-to-it-iveness: GRIT

57 Mournful melody: DIRGE

58 Totally out of funds ... and what each set of circles shows, casually: FLATBROKE

60 Passover meal: SEDER

61 Sleep stage: REM

62 Singer/songwriter Mann: AIMEE

63 Lat. and Ukr., once: SSRS

64 "__ to Joy": ODE

65 Watchdog's warning: SNARL


1 Streetside lunch spots: CAFES

2 Amazon's virtual assistant: ALEXA

3 Was dreaming, perhaps: SLEPT

4 Humongous: COLOSSAL

5 Aptly named bug spray with an exclamation point: OFF

6 Akron native: OHIOAN

7 Kidney-related: RENAL

8 Phone routing no.: EXT

9 Top of Texas? STETSONHAT

10 Cockpit occupants: PILOTS

11 "Proud Mary" singer's memoir: ITINA

12 Spud: TATER

16 Where many eggs hatch: NEST

18 __ Romeo: sports car: ALFA

22 Final Four round: SEMIS

25 "Oh, for heaven's __!": SAKE

27 B-29 movers: PROPELLERS

29 Rear at sea: AFT

30 Sushi garnish: ROE

31 Bullfight cheer: OLE

32 Reply to a ques.: ANS

33 Issa of "Insecure": RAE

34 "It's cold in here!": BRR

35 "The Addams Family" cousin: ITT

37 Hardly succinct: WORDY

38 Skunk's weapon: ODOR

39 Villainous smile: EVILGRIN

43 Closet accessory for a coat: HANGER

44 Ski lodge style: AFRAME

45 "Immediately!" in the ER: STAT

46 Govt. agents: FEDS

47 Yale and Penn: IVIES

48 "The Big Bang Theory" crowd: NERDS

49 Stayed home in bed, say: AILED

51 Smell: AROMA

52 Pedal pusher: BIKER

53 Alloy that symbolizes strength: STEEL

58 To's partner: FRO

59 English lit degs.: BAS

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