LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 27 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 27 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 27 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Ottoman bigwigs: AGAS

5 Wildly: AMOK

9 Peaks: ACMES

14 At hand: NIGH

15 Animated explorer: DORA

16 Patterned fabric: TOILE

17 Authentic piece of a holy relic? TRUETHORN

19 Comedian Izzard: EDDIE

20 Sound investments? STEREOS

21 Like some deliveries: SAMEDAY

23 Indy guide: PACECAR

25 She walked into Rick's gin joint: ILSA

26 Disastrous: FATAL

29 Comedian Garofalo: JANEANE

31 Folk legend Phil: OCHS

32 __ Jose: SAN

33 Connects with: TIESTO

36 Arles article: UNE

37 __ West Records: Nashville label: NEW

38 Rosy-fingered goddess who rises in the east: EOS

39 AirPod spot: EAR

40 Get back in business: REOPEN

42 Product prefix that evokes winter: SNO

43 Die down: WANE

44 Herbie, in Disney films: LOVEBUG

46 Outset: GETGO

47 They don't last: FADS

49 Part of CuraƧao: CEDILLA

51 Rather: INSTEAD

53 Apparel brand with a spinnaker logo: NAUTICA

57 Mesh: FITIN

58 Biblical pronouns read by James Earl Jones? DEEPTHOUS

60 Red-pencil: EMEND

61 December 24 and 31: EVES

62 "At Last" singer James: ETTA

63 Georgia team, in sports headlines: DAWGS

64 Take a chance: DARE

65 Hoarse laugh: RASP


1 Tiny colonists: ANTS

2 Structural engineering piece: GIRT

3 Chills and fever: AGUE

4 Tibetan leaders: SHERPAS

5 Specially formed: ADHOC

6 Saskatchewan city with a 34-foot animal statue named Mac at its tourist info center: MOOSEJAW

7 NHL great Bobby: ORR

8 Dodge City native: KANSAN

9 "Up and __!": ATEM

10 Cough medicine ingredient: CODEINE

11 Place reserved for one reconciling a dispute? MIDDLESEAT

12 Inventor Howe: ELIAS

13 "Peace out": SEEYA

18 Marsh duck: TEAL

22 Schoolyard retort: ARETOO

24 U.S. neighbor to the north: CAN

26 One of two in Hank Aaron's uniform number: FOUR

27 Proactiv+ target: ACNE

28 Unwelcome leftovers? THEOLDSTEW

30 First words in an alphabet book: AIS

32 Largest of New York's Finger Lakes: SENECA

34 Tart taste: TANG

35 Mega Stuf cookie: OREO

37 Great Basin st.: NEV

38 One may be civil: ENGINEER

41 Message board item: POSTING

42 South, in Avignon: SUD

43 Local news segment: WEATHER

45 Settled in for the night, with "down": BEDDED

46 Surfeit: GLUT

47 Fluted on the march: FIFED

48 Jungian inner self: ANIMA

50 Momentary error: LAPSE

52 Fades to black: ENDS

54 Bit: IOTA

55 Stops shooting: CUTS

56 "Stat!": ASAP

59 Gabor of "Green Acres": EVA

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