LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 27 February 2021

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Los Angeles Times 27 February 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 27 February 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 From __: faintly: AFAR

5 Demanding quality: RIGOR

10 Yamaha's Grizzly and Kodiak, briefly: ATVS

14 Francis used a Jeep Wrangler as one in 2015: POPEMOBILE

16 Creep up on: NEAR

17 Distortion for a cause: PROPAGANDA

18 "Santa Claus and His Works" artist, 1866: NAST

19 Cloud-based access provider? STPETER

20 Silver Spring, Md., is part of it: DCAREA

22 Places to learn perspective: ARTSCHOOLS

25 "Given what we know ... ": ASITIS

28 Likely to carry: LOUD

29 Sanctions: OKS

32 Its co-founder said, "I do get disappointed that so many members spend so much time solving puzzles": MENSA

33 French toast word: SANTE

34 Dandy: FOP

35 Irregular, as a job: ODD

36 Most provocative: RACIEST

38 Unsettle: JAR

39 Backpacker's chain: REI

40 Bucks: CLAMS

41 Proven├žal sauce: AIOLI

43 Often eponymous period: ERA

44 Engage: HIRE

45 Feign interest in: PLAYAT

46 Pick-up artists? NEATFREAKS

49 Dish from Valencian for "frying pan": PAELLA

51 To whom Brando said, "I coulda been a contender": STEIGER

55 Longtime morning host: RIPA

56 One of several coming out together: LITTERMATE

59 Fix, in a way: EDIT

60 Arch supports: INNERSOLES

61 Clip: PACE

62 Gets in the game: ANTES

63 Sprawling: VAST


1 Cell lineup: APPS

2 Stronghold: FORT

3 Per: APOP

4 Wins again: REPEATS

5 Writer's resource: ROGETS

6 Bridge beams: IBARS

7 Negroni need: GIN

8 Worn out: OLD

9 Screen displays: READOUTS

10 Year's record: ANNAL

11 Emotional oxymoron: TEARSOFJOY

12 Pottery wheel product: VASE

13 Mex. title: SRTA

15 Like Amazonian society: MATRIARCHAL

21 Some WWII message transmitters: CODETALKERS

23 Certain horse race: CLAIMER

24 Tweaks: HONES

25 It may lead to un matrimonio: AMORE

26 Ritual Jewish feast: SEDER

27 The Mahabharata, e.g.: INDIANEPIC

30 Billabong Zoo resident: KOALA

31 Sail-extending pole: SPRIT

33 Red Baron attire, Snoopy-style: SCARF

37 Carrier to Malta: ALITALIA

42 1994 sci-fi memoir: IASIMOV

45 Derby dads: PATERS

47 Thrill: ELATE

48 Cosmetic counter name: ESTEE

49 Make ready: PREP

50 Musical with the song "Another Pyramid": AIDA

52 Bash: GALA

53 Seine summers: ETES

54 Catch one's breath: REST

57 Overnight spot: INN

58 March Madness network: TNT

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