LA Times Crossword answers Friday 27 January 2017

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Los Angeles Times 27 January 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 27 January 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Like much of the Southwest: ARID

5 Summer music? DISCO

10 Org. funded by FICA: SSA

13 Under-the-sink brand: COMET

15 "Paper Moon" Oscar winner: ONEAL

16 Like ibuprofen, briefly: OTC


19 Jiff: SEC

20 "Nothing planned that day": IMOPEN

21 Engineering sch. on the Hudson: RPI

22 Sport with masks: EPEE


26 Move a finger or two, maybe: PEEK

28 Physics units: RADS

29 Signs over: CEDES

30 1945 Pacific battle site, familiarly: IWO

31 Superfan: NUT

32 Superhero played by Chris Hemsworth: THOR

34 With 36-Across, question for the court: TENNIS

36 See 34-Across: ANYONE

40 Exercise woe: ACHE

42 Alex Dunphy, to Luke, on "Modern Family": SIS

43 Mojito ingredient: RUM

44 "Not a problem": ITSOK

47 Stuff in a backpack: GEAR

49 Little stretches: FIBS


53 Captain Picard's counselor: TROI

54 Unexpectedly by itself, as in the dryer: ODD

55 Kenya neighbor: UGANDA

58 Storybook baddie: HAG


61 Programming pioneer Lovelace: ADA

62 Stopped lying: AROSE

63 Sphere: REALM

64 Common scale extreme: TEN

65 Org. chart headings: DEPTS

66 Crack up: SLAY


1 When Lear disinherits Cordelia: ACTI

2 "Home on the Range" verb: ROAM

3 Take unfair advantage of: IMPOSEON

4 "Quantum Healing" author Chopra: DEEPAK

5 Throw on: DON

6 Ilsa portrayer: INGRID

7 Overlook, as a fault: SEEPAST

8 "A Doubter's Almanac" novelist Ethan: CANIN

9 Dated: OLD

10 Under-the-sink brand: SOSPAD

11 "Remington __": STEELE

12 Hacker's goal: ACCESS

14 Nonkosher: TREF

18 Pressed for time: INARUSH

22 Manicurist's tool: EMERY

24 Expose, with "on": RAT

25 Desktop assortment: ICONS

26 Cherry center: PIT

27 Lamb parent: EWE

31 "Pink Friday" singer Minaj: NICKI

33 Coiffure: HAIRCUT

35 "The End of America" author Wolf: NAOMI

37 Avenue after Reading Railroad: ORIENTAL

38 Worn end: NUB

39 Scrabble three-pointers: EMS

41 Wonton alternative: EGGDROP

42 Brazilian map word: SAO

44 "Maybe less": IFTHAT

45 Intemperate speech: TIRADE

46 Apple's "Think different," e.g.: SLOGAN

48 Like Meg March, in "Little Women": ELDEST

49 Emergency signals: FLARES

51 Bete __: NOIRE

52 Food thickener: AGAR

56 Poet Walter __ Mare: DELA

57 Large number: ARMY

59 Pokémon Go, e.g.: FAD

60 French possessive: SES

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