LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 27 January 2021

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Los Angeles Times 27 January 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 27 January 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Make fun of: MIMIC

6 Consecrate: BLESS

11 Like sashimi: RAW

14 Kind of acid in proteins: AMINO

15 Paddled transport: CANOE

16 Investment acronym: IRA

17 Later than late: LONGOVERDUE

19 Formal apparel: TUX

20 Ultimate goal: ENDALL

21 Welcome word in real estate: SOLD

22 Prez on a fiver: ABE

23 Word with sky or spy: CAM

25 "Gypsy" star, 1959: MERMAN

27 Gleeful Bedrock shout: YABBADABBADOO

33 Happening, to Holmes: AFOOT

34 Campus leader: DEAN

35 "Main" road: DRAG

38 Discontinued iPods: NANOS

39 [There's another doc]: ENC

40 Tearful: WEEPY

41 Food on the trail: GRUB

42 Ailing: SICK

43 __ strength: INNER


47 Caterpillar casing: COCOON

49 Bug: NAG

50 Word of good cheer? RAH

51 Layered mineral: MICA

54 Flannel patterns: PLAIDS

59 Salem-to-Boise dir.: ESE

60 Moonshine: MOUNTAINDEW

62 [Not my mistake]: SIC

63 Adler of Sherlock Holmes fame: IRENE

64 Stealthy warrior: NINJA

65 Sound of disapproval: TSK

66 County bordering London: ESSEX

67 Toot one's own horn: GLOAT


1 Like blokes: MALE

2 "My turn to sing!": IMON

3 Be concerned with: MIND

4 "Young Frankenstein" role: INGA

5 Hipsters: COOLCATS

6 Pre-A.D.: BCE

7 Metallica drummer Ulrich: LARS

8 Root canal procedure, briefly: ENDO

9 Classic 1967 Sam & Dave hit: SOULMAN

10 Like some rye: SEEDED

11 EGOT-winning actress from "West Side Story": RITAMORENO

12 CuraƧao neighbor: ARUBA

13 Like candles: WAXEN

18 Prince who inspired Dracula: VLAD

24 Finally got there: MADEIT

26 Rat or squirrel: RODENT

27 Yin's partner: YANG

28 In the distance: AFAR

29 Employee's end-of-year reward: BONUSCHECK

30 Owie: BOOBOO

31 Park seat: BENCH

32 Start to park, perhaps: BACKIN

36 Acted like: APED

37 Greek food truck offering: GYRO

40 Moving, as one's toes: WIGGLING

42 Many prom attendees: SENIORS

45 Christina Crawford's "__ Dearest": MOMMIE

46 Big wine valley: NAPA

47 Pepsodent rival: CREST

48 Welcome desert sight: OASIS

52 Pool equipment: CUES

53 Hathaway married to Shakespeare: ANNE

55 Actor Kapoor of "Slumdog Millionaire": ANIL

56 Online sign-in fig.: IDNO

57 __ vu: DEJA

58 Law enforcement acronym: SWAT

61 Ranch nickname: TEX

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