LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 27 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 27 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 27 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "The Divine Comedy," e.g.: EPIC

5 Bubbly brand: ASTI

9 They're not gentlemen: CADS

13 Robusto! sauce maker: RAGU

14 Letter on a dreidel: SHIN

15 Archaeological site: RUINS

17 #1: GOAT

18 Continues despite hardship: SOLDIERSON

20 #2: GOAD

22 Common lot size: ONEACRE

23 Go up: ASCEND

26 #3: LOAD

27 __ & Perrins: Worcestershire sauce brand: LEA

28 Terse memo from the boss: SEEME

29 What Phobos orbits: MARS

30 #4: LORD

31 UFO passengers: ETS

32 Billiards backspin: DRAW

34 School auxiliaries, for short: PTAS

36 What takes place in eight puzzle answers when read in sequence: CHANGEOFFORTUNE

41 Some reddish deer: ROES

42 Like granola bars: OATY

43 Hot __: ROD

44 #5: LARD

46 What many leaves do in autumn: TURN

48 Part of la famille: FRERE

50 Bonding and binding words: IDO

51 #6: HARD

52 Wears out: DOESIN

53 Ones who belong: MEMBERS

55 #7: HERD


58 #8: HERO

62 Barbershop accessory: STROP

63 Final critical moment: NICK

64 Jump that's often a triple: AXEL

65 Farm females: SOWS

66 Comic book shrieks: EEKS

67 Take care of: TEND


1 Bit of work: ERG

2 Kung __ chicken: PAO

3 Market chain with a red oval logo: IGA

4 Jewelry piece that's been cleaved or shaped: CUTGEM

5 Long-time Syrian president: ASSAD

6 Wearing wingtips, say: SHOD

7 Up to, in ads: TIL

8 Like some pools: INDOOR

9 Belief: CREED

10 Subtle glow: AURA

11 Real estate transaction requirements: DISCLOSURES

12 One might keep you up: SNORER

16 Golf's Slammin' Sammy: SNEAD

19 Behind the eight ball: INASPOT

21 Tense: ONEDGE

23 "Wait __!": ASEC

24 Green of Austin Powers films: SETH

25 He was The Joker on TV's "Batman": CESARROMERO

26 London-born Rat Packer: LAWFORD

29 Chinese chairman: MAO

30 Map line: Abbr.: LAT

33 Remedy for a freeze: RESTART

35 Attempt to get: TRYFOR

37 Doze: NOD

38 Devotee: FAN

39 Negative: NORI

40 Biblical plot: EDEN

44 Long rides? LIMOS

45 Masters: ADEPTS

47 Bearish: URSINE

49 Cardinal's headgear: REDHAT

51 A lot more than a little: HEAPS

52 Classroom furniture: DESKS

54 Sweat spot: BROW

55 "Dang!": HECK

57 Compete: VIE

59 Application file suffix: EXE

60 Cartoon canine: REN

61 Overdone: OLD

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