LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 27 July 2019

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Los Angeles Times 27 July 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 27 July 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Ostentatious suburban pads: MCMANSIONS

11 Dry riverbed: WADI

15 View from Muscat: ARABIANSEA

16 Benjamin's value: ONEC

17 Prickly plants: ROSEBUSHES

18 This, in Taxco: ESTA

19 __-cone: SNO

20 Schubert vocal compositions: LIEDER

22 Benign cyst: WEN

23 A detective may follow one: HUNCH

26 Earth __: DAY

27 Boom box button: EJECT

29 Mitigate: ASSUAGE

31 What inspiration can come in: SPURTS

32 Make oneself heard clearly: PROJECT

35 Old portico: STOA

36 Advice from a cohort in crime: STICKTOTHESTORY

40 Charlie's fourth wife: OONA

41 Basque, e.g.: IBERIAN

42 Invite with a wave: BECKON

44 They might be gross: INCOMES

48 Old number? ETHER

49 Mil. academy: OCS

51 Hindu title: SWAMI

52 Dispute: ROW

53 Offer unwanted advice: KIBITZ

56 Formerly: NEE

57 "Was __ loud?": ITOO

59 Spreading throughout: PERMEATING

62 Usual: NORM

63 "The Ballad of Reading Gaol" poet: OSCARWILDE

64 Beauts: GEMS

65 Ski resort offering: SEASONPASS


1 "'Night, Mother" playwright Norman: MARSHA

2 Zeus' father: CRONUS

3 Layers of stone: MASONS

4 White House nickname: ABE

5 Bill: NIB

6 King anointed by Samuel: SAUL

7 Traitorous crime: INSIDEJOB

8 Irish actor Milo: OSHEA

9 Poor: NEEDY

10 Ed.'s requirement: SASE

11 Distress: WOE

12 Work under: ANSWERTO

13 Smoke __: DETECTOR

14 "Who knows": ICANTSAY

21 Street cred: REP

24 Honeybunch: CUPCAKE

25 "Listen!": HARK

28 A moment ago: JUSTNOW

30 Arrived: GOTIN

31 Often-ornamental vessel: STEIN

33 Nice when it's hot? ETE

34 Present day? CHRISTMAS

36 Eliciting thoughtfulness: SOBERING

37 In direct confrontation: TOETOTOE

38 Caterpillar also called a looper: INCHWORM

39 Most bunts, briefly: SACS

43 TV planet: ORK

45 Capital on Luzon: MANILA

46 Fixes, as text: EMENDS

47 Lengthy campaigns: SIEGES

49 Corpulent: OBESE

50 Uncertain dating word: CIRCA

54 Uber and Lyft had them in 2019: IPOS

55 Cipher: ZERO

58 Mantra chants: OMS

60 Barley bristle: AWN

61 Tri-__: TIP

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