LA Times Crossword answers Monday 27 July 2020

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Los Angeles Times 27 July 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 27 July 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Really easy task: CINCH

6 Serious cut: GASH

10 Sect. on a concert ticket: ORCH

14 In flames: AFIRE

15 Brink: EDGE

16 Dodgers or Cubs: TEAM

17 Chicago-based improv group, with "The": SECONDCITY

19 Semester: TERM

20 Bit of memorabilia: KEEPSAKE

21 Bee secretion: WAX

22 Camera type, for short: SLR

23 Imagined barrier between actor and audience: FOURTHWALL

28 Old fast fliers: SSTS

30 Dallas region inset on a Texas atlas page, e.g.: AREAMAP

31 Really tiny: WEE

32 Photographed: SHOT

33 Fingers in a lineup: IDS

34 Beethoven's "Pastoral" or Tchaikovsky's "PathŽtique": SIXTHSYMPHONY

38 Philip of "Kung Fu": AHN

39 Regrets: RUES

40 Barely make, with "out": EKE

41 Pool stick protector: CUECASE

43 Lat. and Ukr., formerly: SSRS

45 Musical symbol also called a quaver: EIGHTHNOTE

47 Hoopla: ADO

50 Fairway position: LIE

51 Mattress you can "float" on: WATERBED

54 Fellow, to a Brit: CHAP

56 When Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson, in a classic 1990 bout: TENTHROUND

58 Fastening device: HASP

59 "Not a __": "No idea": CLUE

60 Pasta sauce herb: BASIL

61 Online craft shop: ETSY

62 Conks on the head: BOPS

63 Outlaw, to a sheriff: ENEMY


1 Oak containers: CASKS

2 "It's my opinion ... ": IFEEL

3 More kind: NICER

4 Farm yield: CROP

5 Farm cluckers: HENS

6 Lizards like the Geico mascot: GECKOS

7 French farewell: ADIEU

8 Cpl.'s superior: SGT

9 "Psst!": HEY

10 Canada's capital: OTTAWA

11 Check out again, as a patient: REEXAMINE

12 Train unit: CAR

13 "I'm thinking": HMM

18 Bonkers: DAFT


24 Obama chief of staff Emanuel: RAHM

25 Stadium in St. Pete, with "The": TROP

26 Gaga or Godiva: LADY

27 Record albums, briefly: LPS

28 Census datum: SEX

29 Unvarying fee: SETRATE

31 Cabernet holder: WINEGLASS

32 NES part: Abbr.: SYS

34 Feng __: SHUI

35 "Quiet!": HUSH

36 Observed: SEEN

37 Approves: OKS

38 Royal flush card: ACE

42 Marked by contentiousness, as a game: CHIPPY

43 Idaho and Iowa: STATES

44 Actor Rogen: SETH

46 Admit (to): OWNUP

47 Seriously overdo, as a privilege: ABUSE

48 Dungarees fabric: DENIM

49 "Strange to say ... ": ODDLY

52 Kathryn of "Law & Order: C.I.": ERBE

53 Equine hue: ROAN

54 Michael of "SNL": CHE

55 Stetson __: HAT

56 Getting the job done, initially: TCB

57 "Xanadu" rock gp.: ELO

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