LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 27 June 2018

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Los Angeles Times 27 June 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 27 June 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Far direction? EAST

5 Frankfurt's river: ODER

9 Word repeated in a historic FDR quote: FEAR

13 Formal "no" from 14-Across: VETO

14 White House VIP: POTUS

16 Tomb Raider's __ Croft: LARA

17 Marmalade ingredient: ORANGEZEST

19 Takes the stage: ISON

20 Hunter constellation: ORION

21 Violent windstorm: TEMPEST

23 Ceaselessly: NOEND

26 City in Florida or Italy: NAPLES

27 Sign near school playgrounds: DRUGFREEZONE

31 Geological period: EON

32 __ trap: SETA

33 Bear in two constellations: URSA

36 Symbol of rank: BADGE

39 Former U.N. leader Hammarskjöld: DAG

40 Biblical song: PSALM

42 Division on a Clue board: ROOM

43 Sardine holders: TINS

45 Philosopher __-tzu: LAO

46 Theoretical lowest temperature: ABSOLUTEZERO

50 Brownish horse: SORREL

53 Yarn: STORY

54 Mathematical proposition: THEOREM

56 City near the Great Salt Lake: OGDEN

59 Prego competitor: RAGU

60 "Careful now" ... and a hint to what's hidden in 17-, 27- and 46-Across: EASYDOESIT

64 Turkmenistan neighbor: IRAN

65 Green __: THUMB

66 Actress Blanchett: CATE

67 Remain undecided: PEND

68 "Haven't decided yet": IMAY

69 Topple from power: OUST


1 Bolivian leader Morales: EVO

2 Prefix with dynamic: AERO

3 Headliner: STAR

4 Weight-training activity: TONING

5 Bar gadgets: OPENERS

6 Egg qty.: DOZ

7 Bastille Day saison: ETE

8 Fall color: RUST

9 Diving gear: FLIPPERS

10 Prop for Picasso: EASEL

11 Came up: AROSE

12 Flies off the handle: RANTS

15 Shorthand expert, for short: STENO

18 Cause for an "Oops!": GOOF

22 "Don't be such a baby!": MANUP

24 Must: NEEDTO

25 Nuts and bolts, so to speak: DETAILS

27 Cotillion girl: DEB

28 Katy Perry hit with the lyric "Louder, louder than a lion": ROAR

29 PC command after an "Oops!": UNDO

30 Hershey bar in a red-and-yellow wrapper: ZAGNUT

34 Mall event: SALE

35 Bygone apple spray: ALAR

37 Skirt: GOAROUND

38 Fireplace bit: EMBER

41 Sound from the pasture: MOO

44 Stuck with, as a friend: STOODBY

47 Wintry mix component: SLEET

48 Therefore: ERGO

49 Bayou music style: ZYDECO

50 __ mining: STRIP

51 Midwestern hub: OHARE

52 Lear daughter: REGAN

55 Half a fish: MAHI

57 Jacob's twin: ESAU

58 Quibbles: NITS

61 Bottom line: SUM

62 Singer Sumac: YMA

63 Saigon holiday: TET

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