LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 27 June 2019

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Los Angeles Times 27 June 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 27 June 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Welcome to Kauai!": ALOHA

6 Channel bobber: BUOY

10 Persian for "crown": TAJ

13 "Service at the Speed of Sound" fast-food chain: SONIC

14 Tolstoy title name: ANNA

15 Moment or way lead-in: INA

16 Place to get gifts? PRESENTCOMPANY

19 Web statistic: HITS

20 Cruet contents: OIL

21 "Yay me!": IRULE

23 French friend: AMI

24 Place to get fireplace equipment? POKERDEALER

27 Hedy of Hollywood: LAMARR

29 Stick with a boat? OAR

30 Singer DiFranco: ANI

31 Roman fountain: TREVI

32 "Rebel Yell" singer Billy: IDOL

34 Grasp, in slang: GROK

35 Place to get movie actors? EXTRAFIRM

38 Put up with: BEAR

41 Techniques: WAYS

42 Liver spreads: PATES

46 Prefix with catastrophe: ECO

47 Online help page: FAQ

48 "My turn": IMNEXT

49 Place to get laundry detergent? ALLBUSINESS

53 Shopkeeper who by his own admission sells "surprisingly expensive" penny candy at the Kwik-E-Mart: APU

54 Silent performers: MIMES

55 Oz. or lb.: AMT

56 "Instinct" star Cumming: ALAN

57 Place to get help with estate planning? PASSINGCONCERN

61 Park it, so to speak: SIT

62 Slope overlooking a loch: BRAE

63 Speak formally: ORATE

64 Pair of allies? ELS

65 "G'day" addressee: MATE

66 Put on the back burner: DEFER


1 It can cover a lot: ASPHALT

2 "Dallas" production studio: LORIMAR

3 Former: ONETIME

4 Sound neither an actor nor a hiker wants to hear: HISS

5 Top fighter pilot: ACE

6 Dyeing art: BATIK

7 "I give up!": UNCLE

8 Peace activist Yoko: ONO

9 Thanksgiving veggie: YAM

10 Royal topper: TIARA

11 Ring-shaped: ANNULAR

12 Host of a "garage" show since 2014: JAYLENO

17 Jordan's Queen __: NOOR

18 Berth place: PIER

22 Composer Satie: ERIK

24 __ fixe: PRIX

25 They may be pitched: ROOFS

26 Spanish surrealist: DALI

28 Say with conviction: AVER

32 Mosul native: IRAQI

33 Calendar square: DAY

34 FBI agent: GMAN

36 Christmas poem contraction: TWAS

37 Tach nos.: RPMS

38 Ray: BEAM

39 Total or partial event: ECLIPSE

40 Outlook alternative: AOLMAIL

43 One steeping in a cup: TEALEAF

44 One-sided, in legal proceedings: EXPARTE

45 Huge surprise: STUNNER

47 Complain: FUSS

48 Analogy words: ISTO

50 Conquers: BESTS

51 Pester: NAGAT

52 One sporting a mic: EMCEE

56 "Back forty" unit: ACRE

58 Tech giant that sold its PC division to Lenovo: IBM

59 New Deal agcy.: NRA

60 Drift (off): NOD

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